Thursday, 27 July 2017

'Thrones Thursday - Greyscale Nails (GoT 7x02 discussion post)

If you've followed me for a while, you know that I am a HUGE fan of Game of Thrones. Every series, I'd usually put together a few posts with themed nail art. This series, I'd love to do nail art based on each episode. Of course, I'm not getting off on the best foot considering I'm starting on the second week but sure, it's the thought that counts, right?

Obviously, spoilers ahead for Game of Thrones 7x02 "Stormborn"

At the end of last week's season opener, we discovered that Jorah is in the Citadel, waiting out his days with Greyscale, hoping to be cured by the maesters. In Stormborn, we got a bit more close and *ahem* personal with his condition. That cut to the pie 🤢 Anyway, I've done dragon scale nails before, but I fancied trying out a bit of Greyscale on my nails, complete with matte top coat.

The nails are pretty simple to do. I started by outlining the scales with the darker grey shade. In this case it was Flossgloss Faded. Next, I filled the scales with a lighter grey. I used Barry M Chai for this part. You don't need to be particular with this. I added a little bit of white highlight, just to lift the pattern, and then added the matte topcoat. I picked Barry M's matte topcoat on the recommendation of Vicky over on The Polish List. I threw my old one out because I never used it so it's been a while since I've used one. The brush is a wide one, like all of Barry M's new stock but it was very stiff, like the brush from their cuticle oil. Because of this, I had a bit of dragging when I applied the topcoat, but because of the design, I don't mind it.

This is the first nail art I've done in a while, but I'm pleased with it. It's simple but I think you can tell what it is straight away (at least I think so 😅)

Now, some thoughts on the rest of the episode:
I really liked this week's episode. I think I'm not the only one who felt that the last 15-20 minutes were straight out of a penultimate episode from a previous season. They are making seven episodes this season, as opposed to the usual ten, so it's clear that each episode is on a slightly grander scale than what we're used to on a weekly basis. Saying that, next week, we'll already be nearly half way through the series and that is NOT okay.

I can't wait to see Jon and Dany's meeting next week. It's something fans have been waiting for for years. Of course, how long is it until people within the GoT world know more about Jon's true parentage? I wonder if they're going to go down the romantic route with Jon and Dany and then drop the bomb that she's his auntie...probably, it is Game of Thrones after all!

What are you're thoughts on this week's episode? Let me know in the comments below, and be sure ot follow on all the social media, until next time!


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