Friday, 14 July 2017

Models Own One Night Stand - Silver Mirror Chrome Polish* - Review

OK, so remember when Models Own didn't release any new nail products for a few months? Well, that time has truly passed! This summer they have been releasing limited edition products left, right and centre. The latest addition to the brand comes in the form of One Night Stand, a two-step mirror chrome nail polish. Now, Models Own have their fair share of chrome polishes (see my posts here and here) but this one is different. Unlike the others, One Night Stand has a TRUE mirror-like finish. It isn't a foil-like polish. It replicates the chrome finish you would traditionally find with chrome powders and gel polish.

Models Own is one of the first larger nail brands to release a nail polish with this type of finish. Soigné is releasing their version today (14/07/17) as well, and Ciaté have been teasing theirs for a long while.

One Night Stand is a two-step polish. You apply the base/top coat combo first. You have to be sure that the base is COMPLETELY dry before applying the actual chrome polish. I only needed to use one coat as the polish is packed full of pigment. Again, you have to wait until it is dried completely before you apply the base/top coat, otherwise you might compromise the finish of the polish.

The finish is by no means flawless, at least on me but it's the closest to a true mirror-shine I've ever seen in a nail polish. I probably need to buff my nails a touch more, or leave the base coat to dry to get it to a flawless finish. My biggest gripe with the polish is that the brush has a flat edge, rather than a rounded one. I think I'm spoilt because so many brands now have wide, rounded brushes. For a polish where you can't don't really want to mess up, a rounded tip would come in handy.

The name One Night Stand is very appropriate as the mirror finish is only supposed to last about 6 hours. This is clearly stated on the packaging, so you know from the outset. From my own testing, it does last a solid couple of hours before it starts to dull and chip. It's a great option for a night out, or a special occasion, but if you want a long-lasting mirror chrome, then you should go down the gel route.

One Night Stand is £14.99, a bit more expensive than Models Own's usual price point but you get the base/top coat, the polish itself and a pretty cool product which is the fraction of a cost of a (good) gel manicure. You can buy One Night Stand from the Models Own website NOW but stock is apparently limited.

I hope they bring out more colour options soon, I would LOVE a gold or rose gold/copper. What colour would you like to see?

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