Friday, 30 June 2017

Models Own Aquaproof Poolside Polish - Swatches & Review*

Hi everyone! Today's post will get everyone into the summery mood *even if the weather is autumnal in these parts*. Models Own latest Summer collection is a departure from their usual Polish for Tans range. The Aquaproof collection is a set of five limited edition summer brights that have a UV filter, protecting them from the sun so that the colour doesn't fade while on holiday in summery climes.

I have all five shades swatched for you guys to see. Thanks to Models Own for sending these my way to try out, I hope you like them!

Each swatch is two or three coats (will specify) and a layer of top coat. Without topcoat, these polishes have a semi-matte finish. These shades have a crelly consistency, hence why they need a few more coats to be opaque.

Let's start off with Cerise Stopper
Cerise Stopper is a pink-y red (more pink in rl than in the picture) and the most pigmented polish from the range. I only needed two coats from this polish to get full opacity. I think this is a great summer red for those who don't like to veer too far from classic shades when holidaying.

Orange Seal is a zesty orange and one of my favourites from the range. I'm always a sucker for an orange shade. Three coats took this polish to full opacity. For the lighter colours, it would have been interested to see them layered on top of a white base as this is usually what you do with neon shades.

Impassable Yellow is a bright yellow which is slightly warmer than a lemon yellow but not as warm as a banana or butter yellow. Like Orange Seal, Impassable Yellow is a little thinner than the deeper shades in the collection and a white base could have really helped boost the shade's brightness even more.

Airtight Turquoise is a lovely teal shade. Three coats is needed for full opacity but be mindful this I found this shade to be a little patchy, unexpectedly so for it being one of the darker shades.

Impervious Pink is an in-your-face barbie pink. Three coats is needed to full opacity with this one. Again, if you're a classic polish fan, then this is a great colour if you normally wear pink on your nails because its extra bright.

You can see in the swatches that these polishes come with a cool, water-droplet effect cap. A word or warning, the blue seemed to transfer off the caps onto my hands when painting. It's not much, kind of like when denim dye can transfer onto your hands sometimes. It comes off easily with polish remover, but I thought I ought to warn you.

So what do you think of the collection? It reminds me of the Brazillian collection from OPI a few years ago. I know people have been waiting on new Polish for Tans shades but these shades still do the same job but with a different finish and consistency. My favourite is Orange Seal or Cerise Stopper.

You can pick up the Aquaproof collection from the Models Own website NOW, as well as in bottleshops and stores. The polishes are priced at £4.99.

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  1. Love this collection and I love this post. Your swatches are gorgeous!
    Vicky x


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