Monday, 1 May 2017

Models Own SoFly Collection - Swatches & Review*

Since this collaboration was first teased, I think some of us nail art nerds geeked out at the idea of one of the best UK brands collaborating with who I'd consider as one the OG nail artists out there, Sophy Robson. The SoFly collection is inspired by Sophy's work in street art, as well as her signature eye-catching nail designs. There was speculation as to what this collection would contain. I would have put money on a bright pink and I was right, along with a lovely lilac, a classic red, gorgeous gold and a cool speckle topper. Thanks to Models Own for letting me have a little preview of the collection which launched in store and online on Friday.

Pop under the cut to see swatches of the collection, along with my thoughts on the shades.

All of the swatches below are two coats with a top coat as well, unless otherwise specified!

Girl Gang is the colour I envisioned in this collection. It's almost the exact shade as the nail polish emoji (which is red on my phone but whatever). The gold flakey shimmer makes the polish a little different to your standard pink polish. It isn't patchy and applied really nicely.


The cool-toned partner to Girl Gang, Flylac is a punchy lilac shade with silver flakey shimmer. I have to say, application was a little tricky when it came to the second coat. I'd let the polish dry but when I went to apply the second coat, the first coar moved around, making it a little patchy. I used a very light hand and managed to make the nails opaque with two coats. I love this shade, hence the Flail-O-Meter reading but beware, it's a little tricky to work with (but this might have just been my bottle)


Bullion Bling is very similar to Barry M's Gold Rush from the latest Molten Metal collection, but without the duochrome. It also reminds me of one of my favourite OPI shades, Goldfinger. I was quite impressed with the level of opacity with only two coats. I should have probably used three but two seems to do the job. A great shade for going out or like me, just day to day living your best life LOL


Vandal is a great cherry red which I think would suit a wide range of skin tones. A little thinner than the rest of the colours in the collection, the almost-crelly texture is what I prefer my reds to be like. I think it makes them a little more luxe for whatever reason.


Since Spray My Name is billed as a topper, I thought I'd showcase it on top of the rest of the colours in the collection, as well as by itself. Toppers aren't usually my thing since I doodle on my nails so much but I think the mix of micro glitter and glitter pieces creates a really cool splatter effect like spray paint. On the thumb is two coats of the polish by itself. On the rest of the digits, it's just one coat. I applied the topper with the nail polish brush, not a sponge and it looks pretty evenly distributed.

Thoughts on the collection? I think each shade is individually good and can be purchased as stand alone shades. You can see in the final photo that all of the colours tone in together so you can definitely create some cool nail art using them all (which I plan to do!)

My picks from the collection would be Flylac and Bullion Bling. Despite application issues, I love the punch of colour and slight shimmer in Flylac. I'm a bit of a magpie so Bullion Bling would have always been a winner for me.

The SoFly collection is available from Models Own stores and online HERE now and are £4.99. Which is your favourite? Let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to check out all the social meeds, until next time!



  1. Gorgeous swatches and I love the glitter topper, it's been a while since we saw anything like that from a uk brand. The bottle design is incredible and I love the shimmers in this collection. I thought I'd get sent them but so far nothing has come through my door so I may order these for myself at the end of the week! I NEED them.
    Vicky xx

    1. I think since we've waited so long for a new polish launch from Models Own, they went all out with the design. The tops will make it SO easy to identify shades in our helmers LOL This is the thing with some brands, sometimes you get launches or you don't and you're sitting around wanting to try them out but you don't want to buy them in case they are sent LOL I'm sure you'll get the next launch!

  2. Love love the gold... all swatch colors are beautiful


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