Friday, 26 May 2017

Models Own Celestial Collection - Nail Polish Swatches & Review*

So this collection has been hyped up for the last few weeks but it's now available! The Celestial collection from Models Own features iridescent lip toppers, glitter lip kits, face glitter kits, an eyeshadow palette and 5 new nail polishes. The lovely team at Models Own sent me the WHOLE collection, including makeup, to try out. It would only be appropriate for me to write up a blog post about the polishes first but let me know if you want to see a detailed review of the rest of the collection. It'll all be on my Instagram over the next few weeks so follow me on there to keep updated.

The Celestial polishes have a pearly finish, apart from Stunning, a gunmetal shimmer. They all come in at £5, the usual price for Models Own polishes and the swatches are all three coats plus a top coat.

Lilac Mood - This unique shade is closer to an indigo than purple IMO and its unlike anything I have in my collection. For a pretty light and pastel collection, this shade is pretty pigmented. Three coats gives you full opacity but as you can see, brushstrokes are pretty visible in the pearl shades from this collection. It is to be expected so be careful with application.

White Pearl does exactly what it says on the tin. A pearl white, it'll be a cool base for nail art but it's not unique like some of the other shades.

Sweet Peach is my favourite shade from the collection. An interesting take on the classic pastel peach shade, it may look a little retro but it is a shade you don't see every spring/summer. Not too sure it suits my skin tone but I'll probably wear it anyway.

Love Pink is a pearly baby pink. This kind of shade has popped up a lot this spring/summer, even in a pearl finish. It is a nice shade but like Pearl White, it is a shade you wouldn't be pushed to find on the high street already.

Stunning is the only non-pearl shade in the Celestial collection and it is a gorgeous one. It has a slight warmth to it which I think would make it a nice shade for range of skin tones. Its quite like the finish of Barry M Molten Metal shades but its unlike any of the shades already in that collection.

So what are your thoughts on the Celestial collection? Sweet Peach and Lilac Mood are my top picks from the collection. I'm surprised there wasn't a holographic or iridescent nail topper in the collection to match the lip toppers. You can get these polishes from the Models Own website NOW as well as Bottleshops around the UK (as well as Superdrug)

As always, follow on all the social media to be kept up to date, until next time!

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  1. I'm loving your swatches and of course, you know I love this collection!! White Pearl is a winner for me, it's so bright and luminous, I love it!
    Ps - review the rest if you feel comfortable, I'd be far too scared to stray into beauty blogging territory.
    Vicky x


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