Friday, 7 April 2017

Taylor Nails Gel Polish* - Swatches and Review

I have the pleasure of showing you guys a new brand of gel polish which is local to me. Taylor Nails is a gel polish brand started by the family behind Northern Ireland's Young Nails franchise. The brand is an affordable three week wear gel system with an opening collection of 20 cool colours.

In case you didn't know, I took a course last year with Young Nails to qualify in acrylic nails (I should really write up that blog post) and when Taylor Nails launched, the lovely girls behind the scenes let me choose some shades to try out and show you guys. I've got swatches of four different shades to show you so let's hop to it!

All of the colours were swatched with three thin coats and topped with the brand's no-wipe top coat!

20 - This peachy coral is the perfect spring/summer shade to get you in the holiday mood. Like a lot of lighter, more pastel shades, the first and second coats are a little patchy but by the third, you get opacity.

114 - What goes beautifully with coral? Baby blue! I couldn't resist trying out this shade as well. Like 20, the first two coats are a little patchy but full opacity comes with the third coat.

227 - I wanted to try a red from the range and my eye went immediately to this gorgeous pillar-box red with pink/purple flakies. This shade is almost like a crelly texture and was a lot more opaque from the start compared to the previous swatches. The way the light catches the flakies in the polish is truly lovely.

217 - I couldn't sample Taylor Nails without trying out a glitter. I was torn between this rose gold glitter and a blue shade but this one won out. As you can see, three coats of the glitter provides pretty good coverage but it isn't fully opaque. You could layer this on top of a nude or pink shade to get that stronger base. The colour shift of the glitter in the light is lovely as well.

All of the formulations were quite thick, with the glitter shade being the thickest. This is par for the course when it comes to gel polish so you need to know how to apply gel polish to get the most out of these shades. All bottles are 15ml, which is a pretty good amount of product. You can see the colour of the polish through a little window on the front of the bottle, making the shade easily identifiable without having to open the bottle.

Taylor Nails polishes cure under LED light in 30 seconds and under UV light in 60-90 seconds. I used my Mylee LED light to cure and had no problems. The No-Wipe Top Coat doesn't leave any residue and helps even out the colour on the nail.

Each of the polishes (as well as the Taylor Nails base and top coat) are £10.20 each and are available to buy from their website, as well as in the Young Nails NI shop on Holly Industrial Estate (Kennedy Way) At the moment, they are only available for delivery to the UK.

I love all the shades but the baby blue and the glitter would probably be my absolute favourites. I think I'll be back down to pick up some more soon enough.

Which shade is your favourite? I hope you like these gel polish posts as much as my usual content. I like expanding the interests of the blog and I hope you do too :D

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  1. I agree that the blue and glitter are gorgeous & these are fab value for how large a bottle you get.
    Vicky x


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