Monday, 17 April 2017

iZ Beauty of London Liquid Gold Chrome Powder* - Review

It's only a few months since the nail craze had dominated our insta feeds but I've finally given chrome powder a go. I was sent a few bits by iZ Beauty of London to try out and I thought this was as best an opportunity to give chrome nails a go.

I'll say this from the get-go, my feelings are...mixed.

I followed the instructions given on their website (HERE). I used a black base since this seems to be the most effective colour to give a true colour payoff for many chrome powders. 

The instructions say to use either a silicon/sponge applicator or rubber glove to apply the powder to the nail. All I had was a sponge applicator I managed to scavenge from an eye shadow palette. I might have been using too much product but this process is MESSY. I don't understand how there are so many pictures of freshly applied chrome nails with little to no mess. A week later I still have some powder in little nooks and crannies of my fingers.

Friday, 7 April 2017

Taylor Nails Gel Polish* - Swatches and Review

I have the pleasure of showing you guys a new brand of gel polish which is local to me. Taylor Nails is a gel polish brand started by the family behind Northern Ireland's Young Nails franchise. The brand is an affordable three week wear gel system with an opening collection of 20 cool colours.

In case you didn't know, I took a course last year with Young Nails to qualify in acrylic nails (I should really write up that blog post) and when Taylor Nails launched, the lovely girls behind the scenes let me choose some shades to try out and show you guys. I've got swatches of four different shades to show you so let's hop to it!

All of the colours were swatched with three thin coats and topped with the brand's no-wipe top coat!

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