Wednesday, 29 March 2017

Roxanne Campbell First Impressions and Swatches*

For today's post, I've got swatches of two of Roxanne Campbell's nail lacquers, straight from her first collection of high quality nail polishes. For those unfamiliar, Roxanne Campbell is a well-known nail artist and manicurist who has worked at New York and London Fashion Week, as well as for a host of brands and publications. She has launched her own nail polish line, hoping to fill a gap in the market she saw for luxury, fashion forward colours. The polishes are 3-free and claim to be one coat wonders. I've got Expensive Taste (a wine/berry shade) and Stormy Weather (mid-grey) to show you guys and to fill you in on my first impressions.

So this is Expensive Taste, or what my Mummy would call, a rich bitch shade! It has a crelly texture to it so it's somewhat sheer but buildable. If you want opacity with one coat, this isn't the ticket. This swatch is 3 thin coats and a layer of top coat. Its own finish is quite glossy but because of the crelly nature of the polish, I think a top coat is needed to even things out. It reminds me of the one and only Chanel nail polish I have (Pirate) and I do like these sort of semi-sheer dark shades. They look really classy to me, which goes perfectly with the name. In this instance, I love the shade and the finish is pretty cool but it doesn't live up to the one coat promise of the range.

Stormy Weather is one of those shades that I'd reach for if I didn't know what to paint my nails. It's a great neutral. A cooler-toned grey, it suits my ghostly skin tone well and I think it would be great for any cool or neutral toned people out there. I did find the application of this polish a little tricky. It's a creme and I had hoped it would be a one-coater, as promised on the website but my first coat was a little patchy. This could have been my amateur application of the shade but I went in with another coat, slicked on a bit of top coat and here we are.

The brand promises to bring a little touch of luxe to your life for £10 but does it live up to the promise? The bottle itself reminds me a lot of Chanel or Dior polish. That square shape is kind of synonymous with luxury nail polish so design-wise, Roxanne Campbell nail lacquers tick that box. Overall, application was easy enough, The brush is wide enough so you can use the three swipe method without having to reach back into the bottle for more product.

Are the polishes worth it? In terms of wear, I got a few days out of my Stormy Weather manicure before I changed it up (I'm terrible at wear testing) but there was only a little wear at the tips of my nails. I'd say these shades, and the Roxanne Campbell range, is for the nail polish fan who isn't buying every new release but wants to buy high quality polishes ever so often, in classic and fun shades.

Big thanks to Roxanne Campbell for sending these polishes to me to try! Let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to follow me on social media, until next time :D



  1. Ooh love the grey, it's super gorgeous.
    Vicky x

    1. Grey's always one of my go to polishes so I'm really glad the shade suits me so well!


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