Thursday, 25 August 2016

Models Own Dare to Bare Hypergel Swatches*

Hi everyone! The Dare to Bare collection from Models Own has been making waves in the blogosphere these past few weeks. A complete make-up collection celebrating all thing neutral, Dare to Bare contains lipsticks, eyeshadows, pressed powder and yes, new Hypergel shades.

I was lucky enough to be sent all five of the Dare to Bare Hypergels to swatch for you guys. You'll see just how hit and miss nude polishes can be if paired with the wrong skin tone. For full disclosure, I have very fair, cool-toned skin so if you have similar skin tone, then know that the polishes that look good on me will probably look good for you.

The following swatches are two coats each (except for Deep Tan, which is three) and no top coat, just look at that gloss!

Let's start with the shades that suit my skin-tone (at least I think so)

Undertones: A peachy, pink nude, this shade is quite pigmented and easily opaque after two coats. I really like this as an alternative to a pink nude. I think with the peach tone, it lends itself to all skin tones, cool, warm and neutral. It's a yes from me!

Suede: The pink-toned counterpart to Undertones, it's another pigmented pale shade. If you apply this right, you could even get away with just one coat which I haven't come across in this pale of a shade before. This shade gives me serious mannequin hand vibes, which I love.

Skin Deep: A terracotta shade, this is hardly a nude shade for me but I love it all the same. It's a really unusual colour and unlike anything in my stash. I'd love to see this on a darker skin tone but as you can see, this ghost is a fan as well.

Now for the shades that don't work for my skin-tone...
Emperors Clothes: A neutral greige, this shade is quite similar to others from Models Own like Naked Glow but for whatever reason it just doesn't seem to suit me. I want to see this on a warm skin tone since my cool undertones don't work well with it (IMO anyway)

Deep Tan: A rich caramel shade, I thought this looked great in the bottle but it's not for my skin tone. I know already that this would look great on my Mummy (who has much warmer undertones). I'll probably use this as a base or accent for nail art but probably not for a plain manicure.

I hope you like the swatches. Even though some shades don't work with my own skin tone, they might do with yours so I hope this post helps you out a bit. As polishes, these ones are pretty darn good, as Hypergel polishes from Models Own often are. All but Deep Tan only needed two coats for full opacity. Deep Tan was a bit of a funny polish to apply but I might have been too liberal with cuticle oil and not liberal enough with nail polish remover.

You can grab the new Dare to Bare Hypergel polishes from Models Own here as well as in their bottleshops and are £4.99. Which shade is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and comment on social media (FLAILSANDNAILS errywhere) Until next time :)


  1. Ooh your swatches are amazing, I'm just in the middle of swatching mine and I'm loving them.
    Vicky xx

    1. Thanks Vicki, I definitely think there is at least one shade or two to suit every skin type


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