Monday, 1 August 2016

Meebox Review - Rio* + Nail Art

What's that? You want to see another Meebox? This one is themed around Rio, the host city of this year's Olympics. If you follow me on Twitter or Instagram you would have seen my unboxing of the Meebox (including a real gasp when I saw one of the products). I'll show you guys all the individual items which were included in the box as well as the nail art I created from the three shades in the box.

Iz Beauty of London Deco It Decals (£4): The first item which you see in the Meebox is this set of decals from Iz Beauty of London. I've actually been testing out this range of decals for the past few weeks and I'll have my review up this week. They're a good alternative for those who can't do nail art or want something a little more photorealistic but they're not a quick alternative. I'll go into more detail in my dedicated post.

Tweexy (£14.95): I'm sure a few of you have seen this little device making its rounds on instagram. It's a rubber cup which you put your nail polish into, meaning you can paint your nails without having to reach for the bottle, but rather have it conveniently on the hand you are painting! I'm a bit funny in how I paint my nails so I'm not sure it'll work all the time for me but I'm intrigued to see whether it does speed up or improve the painting process.

Models Own Luis Lemon (£4.99): I already own this Models Own neon classic so am well versed in its punchiness as a shade. Unlike the Polish for Tans range, this shade and the rest of the Ice Neons need a white base shade since they are quite sheer. Of course, you can wear them as they are but to see them at their best, a white base coat is a must!

 Trust Fund Beauty Denim with Diamonds ($11): Again, if you saw my unboxing, you'd have heard my very audible gasp when I saw this shade. It's a gorgeous cobalt blue shimmer. I've never tried this brand before. The bottle reminds me of American Apparel's polishes which I find great for application because of the long brush.

Morgan Taylor Later Alligator (£11): Surprisingly, I've never tried Morgan Taylor polish before so I was happy to see this lovely jungle green included in the box. This is what I love about this sort of subscription service. Yes, there might be a danger of getting duplicates if you have a large collection (hello Luis Lemon) but the joy of discovering new brands and colours is worth it.

As you can tell, the polishes from the box match the colours of the Brazilian flag. While I was tempted to just replicate the flag on my nails, that blue shade was calling to me so I had to use it as my base shade. I wanted to create easy but fun nail art which might match someone's costume from Carnival.

I used a long striper brush to create the waves on the nail. I also used a white base for the yellow neon patches so the colour can be seen in all its glory. I sealed it all in with a top coat. I loved using Denim with Diamonds as a base. The shimmer adds a different texture which contrasts with the creme finish of the green and the neon yellow (on the white), making for a more interesting look (if I do say so myself!).

The overall RRP of this month's Meebox £45.94. Since each month's Meebox costs £20, you get value for your money always. You can sign up for the box here and I hope you enjoyed today's post. What's your favourite item from the box? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow on all the social media sites to the side.


  1. Wow this box is incredible, your nail art is stunning and I'm loving the look of that blue. So pretty.
    Vicky xx

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