Friday, 3 June 2016

Models Own Soft Pop Hypergel Collection* Swatches and Review

Models Own have been keeping it pretty low key on new releases these past few months as they have been preparing for the relaunch of their website as well as the launch of a gazillion number of make up products. The new website looks GREAT and so do all of the new products (those lip gunks look like the bomb dot com!) but I think we were all secretly hoping there would be a new polish launch as well and here it is! Big love to the peeps over at Models Own for sending me the new shades to swatch for you guys.

The Soft Pop collection is a new addition the Hypergel range from the brand. A bold, new spin on the traditional spring pastel, these polishes pack a punch of colour without being too OTT. If you wish the Polish for Tans range was a bit toned down, then this one might be the collection for you. Join me under the cut to see swatches of all the new shades and my thoughts on them all.

All the swatches below are three thin coats and no top coat so that shine is all Hypergel!

Lilac Flush: Intense, overexposed lavender
Another Radiant Orchid contender, Lilac Flush is not as pale as a traditional lilac but not an in-your-face purple like we've seen in previous Hypergel summer releases. While there aren't any Hypergel shades like this in the collection already, it is very similar to Lilac Icing from the Icing collection.

Lemon Popsicle: Daring, icy yellow
Have you got your sunglasses on for this one? This polish is a true lemon shade, very strong and could be a bit of a marmite shade. I personally love it (although my skin tone might not be the best one to show it off.) If you were a fan of Bikini from the Polish for Tans collection then you might like this one. It's paler than Bikini so its different enough to justify buying.

Sugar Rush: Crisp and cool powder blue
I'm always an immediate sucker for a powder blue and this is no exception. There is already a powder blue shade in the Hypergel collection (called Powder Blue, funnily enough) but Sugar Rush is a deeper blue and cooler in tone.

Candyfloss: A sugary sweet pink treat
Your standard baby pink, it's a deeper pink than Pink Veneer from the Hypergel collection but it is very similar to the Pink Icing polish from the Icing Collection.

Cosy Posy: Zesty, lime sherbert
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this shade! I don't have anything like it in my stash and that is saying something. It's not a mint green but rather more like a pistachio or a pale lime. A really cool, different shade for the summer

I've been a big fan of the Hypergel range from Models Own for quite some time so I was really excited to see new additions to the collection. The Soft Pop shades would be perfect for fans of the Polish for Tans or Icing collections from Models Own. Punchy colours galore, there are a few shades I feel like you HAVE to try out. My picks from the collection are Cosy Posy and Sugar Rush.

The Soft Pop Hypergel collection is available from the Models Own website NOW as well as Bottleshops nationwide priced at £4.99.

Which shade is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow the sites on the side, until next time :)


  1. Gorgeous swatches & gorgeous colours. Models Own really do kill it with these. I need to get my hands on them soon.
    Vicky xx


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