Monday, 9 May 2016

Barry M Molten Metal Nail Paints* - Swatches and Review

These new releases just keep coming and coming! If you follow me over on Instagram, you'll know I received all of the new Summer releases from Barry M. There are two new collections of polishes along with the usual Superdrug and Boots exclusive Summer shades. First up on the blog I've got swatches from the new Molten Metal collection which will become a part of the permanent range by the brand. If you're into your metallics, then stick around!

All of the below swatches are three coats of the polish and no topcoat. The nail polish brush is the new wide brush we've seen in the past few collections so it looks like it's here to stay, which is fine by me!

Silver Lining - Silver Lining was the first shade from the collection I swatched. I initially thought it was pretty thin formula from the first coat and this is the case across the collection. Three coats is needed for all colours to get full opacity. One advantage of having a thinner formula is that the polish dries quicker so that's a bit of a silver lining isn't it? I'll get my coat...

Gold Digger - This gold shimmer is a cool-toned gold, much like Gold Foil. Comparing the polishes to the foils, these are definitely not foils or chrome polishes but shimmers with very fine glitter. I'm not a stamper so I can't say how good they would be for that particular job but they don't have the same finish as the foils that Barry M are so good at.

Bronze Bae - Now let's get into the interesting shades! I thought that Bronze Bae and the upcoming Copper Mine would be too similar but they are definitely not. Bronze Bae is a mix of Gold Digger and Copper Mine and is a definite favourite of mine. It's one of those shades you don't really see very often.

Copper Mine - Cashing in on the copper craze, Copper Mine is a lovely copper-toned shimmer. Darker than Bronze Bae, it's quite a striking shade. I have several copper foil polishes in my stash and this would be the perfect topper for a super saturated copper look. Again, like Bronze Bae, its not one of those shades you see very often.

All of the Molten Metal Nail Paints have multi-tonal shimmer in them so they are polishes that really catch the light and can look a bit different in different settings. They would be perfect for a summer holiday or festival as an eye-catching look, an alternative to neons and brights. One thing I will say is that because of the shimmer, when removing the polishes, there can be a bit of a mess left behind which will take a few hand scrubs to sort out. You can see this in some of my later swatches. I tried to fix it in post but there was too much! This is one of the hazards of using these kinds of polishes though so it comes with the territory.

Final thoughts: I still can't believe how Barry M can come out with so many new collections all year round and keep it fresh. Since these polishes will form a part of the permanent collection, it'll be cool to see what additional colours will pop up. I hope for some beaut emerald greens or turquoise blues. My fave shades would be Bronze Bae and Copper Mine since they're the sort of colours you don't see often in this finish. I can't comment about the lasting power of the polishes but since the formula is a bit thin, it might not last the longest but with this type of polish, you can often cover up chips without having to redo the nail.

The Molten Metal Nail Paint collection is available now from Superdrug and from the 11th May from Boots and are priced at £3.99

Which Molten Metal Nail Paint takes your fancy? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow the social media sites on the side, until next time :)

P.S - Bae is Danish for poo...


  1. Love your swatches, bronze bae is my fave but you've made them all look amazing.
    I hope they do some real wintery shades in this collection, a purple and red would be gorgeous. I'm already picturing the Christmas mani's!
    Vicky x

    1. Yeah as soon as I saw that they were going to be permanent I was already thinking about Christmas shades lol! Cheers for the comment Vicky

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  3. Great review, I have all 4 of this collection, so far I have tried bronze bae and silver lining, I like both of them, but out of the 2 bronze bad is my favourite, looking forward to trying the other 2 colours ��

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Bronze Bae is an absolute stunner for sure. Thank you for the comment 😄


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