Monday, 16 May 2016

Barry M Lolly Gloss Nail Art*

Hey guys, today I've put together some, well let's say random, nail art for you that shows off the new Lolly Gloss nail paints by Barry M. The Lolly Gloss range is a limited edition collection featuring four shades which dry to a sweet-smelling, super shiny finish. I've got Orange Fizz and Purple Pop to show you because the other two shades from the collection didn't make their way to me in one piece *RIP*. Anywho, I've never really played around with sheer polishes before so I was definitely intrigued when I first clapped eyes on these.

I wanted to incorporate the lolly design which features on the bottle top into the design somehow. I did two coats of Orange Fizz (as recommended on the bottle). While the polish is sheer, it is not patchy after the second coat. Using a striper brush, I began to do the spiral design of the lolly in Purple Pop. It doesn't really matter if there is some unevenness in the spiral because I think it adds to the design and also, we will be adding dots on top. Of course, you could stop at the spiral but I thought it needed something more.

Using a small dotter, I dotted Purple Pop at small intervals around the spiral. You can vary the size of the dots if you like but I just did it any which way LOL. You can see how the dots look far darker than the spiral because of the sheerness of the polishes. After all that, top up with a top coat and you're set to go!

It's a bit 70s, it's a bit Willy Wonka, it's a bit naff but it shows off the sheerness of the polishes me thinks. While I really like the Orange Fizz shade, I wouldn't wear the polish by itself because I'm not the biggest fan of my tips showing through polishes because they grow unevenly. If I had perfect natural tips, I'd definitely just wear the Lolly Gloss polishes as is but because they grow so funny, I'm a bit self-concious of them. I think these polishes are really meant for nail art. You can experiment a lot with these. Why not try a stain-glass effect, or cool sheer leopard print? If you missed the boat on OPI's sheer tints from last year (I think) then these are a good, cheaper alternative. It would be cool to see more shades in the collection but since it's limited edition, that's not likely I think.

Barry M Lolly Glosses are £3.99 and are available from Boots, Superdrug and the Barry M website now. What do you think of sheer polishes? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time :)

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