Monday, 28 March 2016

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Polishes - Spring 2016 Shades*

This post has been a long time coming! I've had the photos ready and waiting to go but haven't really had the chance (or the motivation really) to get the post up but I'm talking some time off uni so no excuses for not getting this post together. The Spring update of the Sunset Daylight Curing range from Barry M includes some really lovely shades; the prerequisite spring time pink, a warm tomato red, a gorgeous mint green and a lovely pastel blue. Hop on under the cut to check out some swatches and have a gander at what I thought of the shades.

Let's get started then! (All swatches are with no topcoat)

Pinking Out Loud - Anyone else got the song stuck in their head? Not just me then! Pinking Out Loud is a bubblegum pink that would be a winner for any wannabe barbies out there. The wide brush, which is slowly but surely making its way into all of Barry M's collections, makes application of the polish really easy. Since it's a paler shade, it does take three thin coats for opacity. It is quite similar to I've Been Pinkin', the other pink in the collection, but Pinking Out Loud is a good bit paler so different enough for nail polish enthusiasts but maybe not different enough for the more casual purchaser. 

Bug A Blue - I'm a sucker for any sort of pale or cornflower blue so Bug a Blue was certainly going to be a winner for me. Like Pinking Out Loud, three thin coats is needed for full opacity but again, this is expected in any sort of pastel or pale shade.

Empire State of Mind - If there's one shade of polish that would outrank cornflower blue as my favourite, it would be mint green. Empire State of Mind is a lovely pastel mint shade. It is a touch more green in person than it is showing up in the photos. Once again, its a thin three coater but worth it because it really is a lovely shade.

All The Things She Red - THIS RED GUYS! I think this shade is the perfect remedy for the gloomy and dreary days of this time of year. You have a little bit of zing in your red with this dark coral/tomato red shade. All The Things She Red is a two coater so wouldn't take as long in terms of application like its fellow Spring '16 shades.

All the shades have a creme finish, with All The Things She Red erring a little into crelly territory. I did a wear test of Empire State of Mint and Bug A Blue (with the curing top coat of course) for just over a week and apart from some wear at the tip of the nail and the inevitable growing out of the nail, the polish stayed on the nail in one piece. These new Spring shades live up to the long wear reputation of the collection for sure.

All these new shades, as well as the rest of the Daylight Curing range cost £4.99 and are available from the Barry M website, Superdrug, and Boots.

Which shade is your favourite? If I had to recommend just the one...I'd go for All The Things She Red, it's just a beautiful shade. Let me know what you guys think, until next time :)

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