Monday, 18 January 2016

Primark Nail Art Pen Review/First Impressions

Since I've seen them pop up on Primark's instagram feed, I've been wanting to try out their nail art pens for a good while now. Since the Belfast shop never has anything I see online in store, I made sure to check whether the Penneys on Mary Street in Dublin had them when I was down for a little Dublin Day last Friday. Lo and behold, they were there and at the almighty low price of 3 Euro too! Here I've tried to whip up a quick review/first impression of the product for you guys.

At 3 Euro (probably about £2.50), I shouldn't have had the highest expectations for the three pack of nail art pens (blue, pink and black) but I was secretly hoping they were pretty good since I'm always in the market for decent nail art pens. These also had a striper brush but it was the pen mechanism I was focused on. I went through my various nail art books looking for ideas of simple line art which would help showcase the best and worse in these pens and I settled on a paisley/lace hybrid.

The pen itself has a small nib so it seemed to promise a precise line. Unfortunately, the polish inside the pen was quite thin and once you uncap the pen, product begins to flow. Because it floods out, there is very little you can do to control the flow and so you cannot get those precise lines and designs you would hope for. On this hand, I did not squeeze the pen AT ALL. You can see where too much product has gone on the nail. I constantly had to dab off the excess product but no, it just wouldn't stop coming out. It's unfortunate because the nib itself is quite narrow. I might replace the polish in the pen with something thicker and see how I get on. Also, the striper brush was unevenly cut and a bit hard to work with as the bristles separated when you applied them to the nail.

All in all, a bit of a disappointing product especially since I've been wanting to try them out for a little while. Maybe I got a dud set, maybe the other colours will work out better but like I said, at 3 Euro, or rather 1 Euro each, is there really much to complain about? At least product came out of the pen unlike some nail art pens I've paid 5 times the price for, but just not like I wanted it to.

What's your thoughts on discount beauty products? Is it worth the potential compromise in quality? Be sure to subscribe, follow and like all the social media sites on the left, until next time :)

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