Monday, 25 January 2016

It's Summer somewhere...inspired by Minkpink

So January is already on its way out the door and to say its been a bit blue around these parts is an understatement. Sudden bursts of motivation seem to disappear so quickly and being in a rut creatively hasn't helped matters. Of course, having friends in sunnier climes sending you their fun snapchats fuels the morose fire (and I don't even like the sun!). Anyway, in January I always think 'it's summer somewhere in the world' when I look out at the constant grey sky and never has this been truer than this January so to try and get me in a more optimistic mood, I thought I'd look up some nailspiration in the form of bikini patterns! And which brand would be best suited for this mission? Why Australia's finest, Minkpink!

Models Own Cornflower Gleam, Coral Glaze, Powder Blue and Barry M Black and Cotton

I chose the Block Party pattern since it had a fun colour palette and since it was all line work, would be relatively straight forward. Famous last words. I am most definitely in need of new brushes so if any one could suggest a good set, please let me know. Since it was clear that my detailing brush was out to sabotage me (what's that saying about a bad work man always blames his tools?), I knew precision wasn't going to happen so I just went with it, going for mixed up patterns and variations in line thickness because hey, it's Summer (somewhere) so who needs to worry about whether a line is the same millimetre thickness as another? Anyway, from a distance, the nails look dead on so if you meet me on the street in the next day or two, just admire my nails from a decent 2-3 metres away, that would be great!

Until I get some new brushes, I'll stick to swatches I think, what would you like to see on the blog? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow all my social media sites, until next time :)

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