Monday, 30 November 2015

Models Own Glittergel Swatches & Review (Sheer Sparkle*, Petunia Glitz* and Starburst)

On the blog today I've got some glittery shades to start of the festive season with a bang! Models Own have recently added to their Hypergel repertoire with five new glitter shades, aptly named Glittergel. Like their Hypergel siblings, the Glittergel polishes are no UV gel effect polishes which should last for longer and be easy to remove. I was sent two polishes from the range to try out and purchased one myself. In all honesty, these should have been on the blog a few weeks ago (I had the photos done) but then I bought another shade and I had to cut my nails so I thought it best to just reswatch them all. Come under the cut to check out these three sparkly shades and see whether they live up to the Hypergel reputation...

So let's start off with the most festive shade...

Sheer Sparkle is a sheer champagne glitter shade. The above swatch is three coats with no top coat. The clue is in the name of this shade. It's most definitely sheer and makes no secret about it. It would be great as a topper or an in-between layer for a festive jelly sandwich manicure. I reckon on top of a lovely nude or gold shade, this one would be a sophisticated festive winner.

Petunia Glitz is a fuchsia pink shade. It has flakies as well as micro-glitter. The above swatch is two coats and no top coat. In person, it looks a lot more opaque, hence why I stuck with two coats but as you can see, close up and under bright light it is a bit more sheer. While not as sheer as Sheer Sparkle, you can either build this up to be opaque by itself or layer it on top of another pink shade for a faster mani. This shade packs a punch in terms of colour and pigmentation so if you're a fan of pink polish AND glitter, then go for it.

Lastly we have Starburst. I mean you can see why I bought this shade right? It's a dark green base with multi-colour glitter (I'm talking gold, green, blue, red THE WORKS). The above swatch is three coats and no top coat. You could probably get away with two coats but I was a little haphazard on the sides so needed three coats to even everything out. I think this polish is a great option for those who want to be a little festive with their nail polish choices but don't like to veer away from trusty shades like black or aubergine. Yes, I'm saying this is the perfect festive polish for a Goth LOL

REMOVAL - I had Sheer Sparkle on my nails for a solid two hours before removing it so it had a decent amount of time to attach itself to my nails. To remove it, I just used normal nail polish remover and cotton pads. It came off easy enough but a good bit of glitter stayed on the skin around my nails, as you would expect. After a good amount of soap and water, most of it was taken off so all in all it wasn't as much of trial to remove than other glitter polishes but perhaps trying to take it off after a longer amount of time might be a different story.

Models Own Glittergels are available from the Models Own website, Superdrug and Bottleshops for £4.99. TODAY (30/11/15) IS THE LAST DAY YOU CAN BUY ONE GET ONE FREE ON MODELSOWNIT.COM So if you're wanting to pick up these shades, then head over there NOW

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  1. I have just tried out Petunia Glitz, and it's gorgeous!!!
    Lovely swatches :) x

    1. It really is such a stunning shade. Thanks for the comment 😄

    2. It really is such a stunning shade. Thanks for the comment 😄


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