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Models Own Colour Chrome Autumn/Winter 15* Swatches & Review (Pearl, Grey, Copper, Red and Turquoise)

I've previously blogged about Models Own's Colour Chrome collection here but this week they announced that they have added five new shades to the existing collection.  To say I was excited is an understatement!  When all five new shades popped through my letterbox (or rather were handed to me by the postman), I swatched them straight away.  Apologies for the picture quality, not sure what's going on with my camera at the moment, it's six years old so it may be time to retire the old girl from the blog but anywho, let's get to it!

Following Models Own's instructions, I gently buffed my nails before swatching and did not use a top coat or base coat.
Chrome Pearl - This is the shade that has had the most buzz around it because THAT. BOTTLE.  It's worth the £4.99 alone in my opinion (but I'm a crazy nail polish lady).  When I first opened up the bottle, I couldn't see the iridescence in the polish but I thought it would appear when painted on the nail.  I was a little bit disappointed with this one to be honest.  The bottle and name promises a gorgeous lilac, opalescent shade but its very similar to Chrome Silver from the original Colour Chrome launch.  It could just be my bottle of it but if you already have Chrome Silver, maybe give it a miss but if you don't, then get it for the pretty bottle and lovely metallic cool silver finish.  This swatch was three coats.

Chrome Grey - Oooooooh this shade is just serving me foil eleganza!  This was the first shade I tried from the new drop that delivers on the strong colour punch that the bottle colour promises.  The gorgeous gunmetal grey offers a more sophisticated option for the lady who loves a good metallic nail but doesn't want to go too out there.  A great shade to take you from work to your holiday party but it did stain a bit so be careful.  This swatch is two coats.

Chrome Copper - In the main collection, we have Chrome Gold and Chrome Rose Gold and while those two shades are lovely, copper has them beat.  It's quite similar to H&M Foil Blush, which I reviewed here.  It's a bit on the thinner side but the shade has a lovely warmth to it which I didn't expect as most foil polish have a silver base, hence they are usually cold.  This swatch is three coats.

Chrome Red - Another shade from the new release that caught a lot of people's attention is Chrome Red.  Like Chrome Grey, this shade finally delivers on the saturated packaging.  It is a touch more red in real life (Chromes are so hard to photograph!) but she is a beaut.  This swatch is two coats but in reality, one might have been enough if I was perfect at painting my nails LOL  I think Chrome Red and Chrome Copper would make delightful nail art together for this coming Christmas.

Chrome Turquoise - While Chrome Blue is a part of the core Colour Chrome collection, it doesn't pack as much of a punch as Chrome Turquoise.  While not exactly turquoise (if it were it would be my DREAM nail polish shade), its saturated blueness is just unbelievably gorgeous.  This colour though HELLA STAINS so maybe take a chance and wear a base coat or don't wear it for too long. This swatch is two coats.

The new Colour Chrome shades promised a lot and have a lot to live up to and for the most part, they met expectations. I can't really choose stand outs but rather suggest that if you have Chrome Silver already, then maybe give Chrome Pearl a miss but if not, by all means give it a go because that bottle though.

The Autumn/Winter Colour Chrome additions are available now (from the 4th) in Bottleshops and online and will be available from Superdrug on the 16th November and are priced at £4.99.  Which are your favourites?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow my social media sites on the right, until next time :)

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