Friday, 23 October 2015

Simply Spooky Nail Art with Kiko Nail Art Kits*

Kiko have recently released a range of nail art accessories, including nail stickers in various designs as well as a nail art brush kit.  I thought it would be cool to see if I could pull together some simple nail ideas for Halloween for those who think they're not up for anything more ambitious or won't have the time to so follow me under the cut to see the results!

The nail art kit, which is £12.90, consists of four nail art tools; a dotter, a fan brush, a detail brush and a clean up brush.  They all come in a metal tube case which would be great for travelling and keeping all of your brushes together.  While the nail art kit is a bit more expensive than some out there, I think you can feel why they are more expensive.  For starters, the brushes have more weight to them than any other nail art brushes I own.  This means they feel much more stable in the hand and could lead to less mistakes due to their comfortable weight in the hand.  Secondly, they come in a metal tube.  Not a plastic or paper tube but a metal tube.  While this may seem like an unnecessary feature of the overall kit, the merit for having a durable and portable means of storing your brushes is invaluable to someone with so many nail art brushes like myself.  Some of my own collection are too long to fit in the tube but I have contemplated cutting them down to fit so that they no longer suffer in the pencil case I keep them in now!

Onto the practical test.  I used the detail brush and the dotting tool for this particular look, which is a leopard print with a Halloween edge.

I liked the dotter tool.  I used it to create irregular blobs in yellow and I had good control over the shapes created.  I used the detail brush to do the leopard print outline.  I was a little less impressed with the detail brush.  For me, it's too thick to do any sort of intricate detailing and while with a bold print like leopard you might not notice, if you wanted to create more subtle detail then this might not be the one for you.  How I've achieved finer detailed brushes is to just cut down those often too big detail brushes included in nail kits like this but with a price point like £12.90, you might not feel like you should have to but for the heavier weight of the brush and what appears to be good quality bristles, it might be worth it but its very much up to you.

I haven't tested out the fan brush or the square/clean up brush yet as these are often my least used nail art brushes but look out for a future review of those in the next few weeks.

Kiko's nail art stickers are £2.90 and you have a good few different designs and effects you can choose from.  As you can see, I've got music symbols and stars, colour glitter tape, cats, owls and rabbits, letters and gold, silver and black glitter tape.  I automatically thought that the cats would be perfect for a simple but effective Halloween nail look.

Getting the stickers off the sheet takes some prior thought.  Since I was only applying them to one hand (sorry to let you in on the secret), I could use my right finger nails to get the stickers off the paper and apply them but if you are doing both, be sure to have a pair of tweezers handy so you don't ruin your fresh base.  While you can see a bit of the seam between the nail and the stickers, they do blend in a lot better than other nail stickers I have used in the past and from far away it is almost impossible to see the difference between the sticker and the nail.  I didn't apply a top coat to these nails because I thought since this is a post to showcase easy and fast nail art ideas, I imagine that most people might not be bothered with this step (BUT YOU SHOULD BE)

Overall, Kiko's venture into nail art accessories is a good effort.  The stickers and their variety of designs will appeal to the nail art enthusiast who might not be confident in their freehand skill or just want something cool but fast to apply.  I'll express my interest in the nail art and their more definite weight when compared to regular nail art brushes but the detailing brush could do with some customization.  You can find the products here and here on the Kiko website, as well as in Kiko stores.

Are you a fan of quick nail art fixes?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow on my social media sites (over on the sidebar) and share with your friends because who wouldn't want to read this?!  Until next time :-)

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