Monday, 19 October 2015

Models Own Hypergel Twilight Collection Nail Art/Swatches & Review

True to Models Own form, they have released new Hypergel shades to add to the existing collection under the name of the Twilight Collection.  Unlike last year's Autumn/Winter offering, these new additions are a variety of shades, ranging from subtle neutrals to vampy reds.  I've been checking my local Superdrug (well, it's technically not the nearest Superdrug but its the closest that stocks Models Own) for a few weeks awaiting their arrival and I finally picked up two shades, Deep Sea and Heather.

I'm a fan of teal shades so Deep Sea was a must and I was torn between Heather and Sherry for a while but I finally decided on Heather and I am so glad I did because it's a beaut but sure find out for yourself under the cut!

I decided to not do a normal swatch post since these polishes have been swatched a few times in the past couple of weeks so I went for some simple nail art, inspired by The Illustrated Nail's Sari design.

The new release of Hypergels have a wide brush which is FANTASTIC!  It really helps to apply the thicker Hypergel formula more evenly.  I know this may not be the best news for people with smaller nails but for someone like myself who has wide nails which tend to be longer, it's a godsend.

Deep Sea is a deep teal shade which only takes two coats to get full opacity.  The above swatch has a top coat on top but you do get a glossy finish if you'd like to forgoe but of course I'd never recommend that!

Heather is, well, a heather-y, purple-pink-grey shade which, like Deep Sea only takes two coats to get full opacity.  I really love this shade and it's unlike anything I have in my collection.  I'm not usually one to wear a neutral shade day to day but I definitely see myself wearing this on the regular this autumn and winter.

In the nail art, I used Models Own Jade Stone and Utopia as the accent shades.  Like I mentioned before, the design is based on The Illustrated Nail's Sari design from her book, Nail It!  I used my usual detailing brush to freehand the design (which you can probably tell!).  I'm a bit out of practice so the nail art isn't as precise as I'd prefer but sure, practice really does make perfect.

So the new Twilight Hypergel shades stand up in terms of quality and the addition of the a new wide brush is another plus.  There are 8 more shades in the new Twilight collection so there are plenty to choose from but Deep Sea and Heather are definitely ones to look out for.  They're £4.99 each, the same price as any Models Own polish and Superdrug currently have a 3 for 2 deal on Models Own products.

Have you picked up any of the new Hypergel shades?  What shades do you like?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow all of my social sites, until next time :-)


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