Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween 2015 - Mermaid Nail Art and Tutorial

This one is for all you budding Ariels and generic sea sirens.  I've went with a green colour scheme but this tutorial can be switched up to match any colour scheme, just change the base colour and accent glitter accordingly but without further adieu, let's get to it!

Polishes - For this look, I'd recommend using a chrome/foil polish to get that true scaley look but a metallic polish would do in a pinch.  I used Chrome Green from the Colour Chrome collection by Models Own.  As for my glitters, Hologram from American Apparel and Crystal Glaze by Barry M will suit any base colour you use, they will just add to the metallic, scaley nature of the design.  To add more glitter, I used this China Glaze green glitter but this can be skipped if you like.  You need a bog standard black to do the scale line work as well as a white (not pictured) to create the highlight.

Tools - All you need for this look is a detail brush.  This will cover your scale line work as well as the highlighting.

STEP 1 - Apply your base colour.  The colour chrome polishes generally need between two or three coats, depending on the shade.  Wait until dry to go onto the next step.

STEP 2 - Now begin layering your glitters!  You can do this in any order but I personally went with Hologram, Crystal Glaze, Glitter and another coat of Crystal Glaze.  Once dry, seal with a layer of top coat so that there is a smooth surface to work with in the next stage.

STEP 3 - Using your detail brush and some black polish, begin to draw on the scale pattern.  You begin with a semi-circle at the top of your nail and keep doing one on each side until one line is complete.  Beneath this line apply semi-circles/wave pattern between each of the above semi-circles.

You will see the scales taking shape.  Once the whole nail is complete, add highlight details to the body of the scales using a white or off-white polish.  Seal the design with top coat.  You can of course use a stamp plate for the scales or vinyl stencils but I'm a fan of the hand-drawn pattern.

So that's another Halloween nail art look for you guys to enjoy.  Let me know what you guys think and if you might be attempting this design.  Be sure to follow me on the social media sites on the right hand side, until next time :-)

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