Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween 2015 - Beetlejuice Nail Art & Tutorial

Today we are going for a straight forward manicure, a favourite for around this time of year but with a bit of a twist.  No cut needed today for our brief foray into the world of Beetlejuice nail art!

Polishes - For this, all you need is a black and white polish.  I went for Cotton from Barry M and their matte black.  The glow in the dark top coat is optional but it adds to that spooky feel of the manicure.

Tools - For this manicure you will need a striper brush and a detail brush.  You can get away with just one brush but I find having the tool helps with getting a more precise finish.

Step 1 - After prepping the nail, paint the nail with your base colour (white).  Get full opacity and once dry, apply glow in the dark top coat (optional)

Step 2 - Once your base is dry, draw one line diagonally across the nail about half way down.  This will the line which joins the two halves together.  Do this with the detailing brush if you have one available.  Once this first step is achieved, use the striper brush to fill in the thicker black lines, either starting with the diagonal lines or vertical lines, it is personal preference.

Take you time to ensure even lines and precision (as you can see, I could do with some more!).  Leave the nails to dry for a bit if you can to ensure no streaking will take place and once dry, apply top coat and party the night away!

I hope you've enjoyed this latest Halloween post and be sure to let me know if you attempt any of the designs featured this week, I love seeing your nails.  Be sure to like, follow and subscribe to the sites in the side bar, until next time :-)

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