Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween 2015 - Beetlejuice Nail Art & Tutorial

Today we are going for a straight forward manicure, a favourite for around this time of year but with a bit of a twist.  No cut needed today for our brief foray into the world of Beetlejuice nail art!

Polishes - For this, all you need is a black and white polish.  I went for Cotton from Barry M and their matte black.  The glow in the dark top coat is optional but it adds to that spooky feel of the manicure.

Tools - For this manicure you will need a striper brush and a detail brush.  You can get away with just one brush but I find having the tool helps with getting a more precise finish.

Step 1 - After prepping the nail, paint the nail with your base colour (white).  Get full opacity and once dry, apply glow in the dark top coat (optional)

Step 2 - Once your base is dry, draw one line diagonally across the nail about half way down.  This will the line which joins the two halves together.  Do this with the detailing brush if you have one available.  Once this first step is achieved, use the striper brush to fill in the thicker black lines, either starting with the diagonal lines or vertical lines, it is personal preference.

Take you time to ensure even lines and precision (as you can see, I could do with some more!).  Leave the nails to dry for a bit if you can to ensure no streaking will take place and once dry, apply top coat and party the night away!

I hope you've enjoyed this latest Halloween post and be sure to let me know if you attempt any of the designs featured this week, I love seeing your nails.  Be sure to like, follow and subscribe to the sites in the side bar, until next time :-)

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween 2015 - Mermaid Nail Art and Tutorial

This one is for all you budding Ariels and generic sea sirens.  I've went with a green colour scheme but this tutorial can be switched up to match any colour scheme, just change the base colour and accent glitter accordingly but without further adieu, let's get to it!


Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween 2015 - Harley Quinn (Step by Step Tutorial) feat. Barry M

If you follow me on twitter, you'd know that I hinted at a bit of Halloween overload on the blog this week and let's just say I think I'll deliver!  Every weekday leading up to Halloween, I'll be posting a new nail art look, most will be with step-by-step how to's so that you can hopefully get on board and have some cool nails for Halloween.

I used Google's cool Frightgeist website to get some ideas as to what nails might be needed.  Although the site only charts the popular costume searches in the US, I presume that they are symptomatic of the rest of the Western world so hopefully these nails will be of some relevance to you!

The first nail art look is taken from the #1 most searched for costume of Frightgeist, which is Harley Quinn.  Now, since the excitement over Suicide Squad is building and building, I can only assume that the Harley Quinn people are hoping to dress as is the newest incarnation of the character, as played by Margot Robbie.  I'm sorry to disappoint anyone who came here looking for the more traditional Harley Quinn nail look but there are plenty of tutorials out there for that so just have a quick google and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.  Now, if you're still with me, let's hop on under the cut and see how you can get this look in time for Halloween.


Friday, 23 October 2015

Simply Spooky Nail Art with Kiko Nail Art Kits*

Kiko have recently released a range of nail art accessories, including nail stickers in various designs as well as a nail art brush kit.  I thought it would be cool to see if I could pull together some simple nail ideas for Halloween for those who think they're not up for anything more ambitious or won't have the time to so follow me under the cut to see the results!


Monday, 19 October 2015

Models Own Hypergel Twilight Collection Nail Art/Swatches & Review

True to Models Own form, they have released new Hypergel shades to add to the existing collection under the name of the Twilight Collection.  Unlike last year's Autumn/Winter offering, these new additions are a variety of shades, ranging from subtle neutrals to vampy reds.  I've been checking my local Superdrug (well, it's technically not the nearest Superdrug but its the closest that stocks Models Own) for a few weeks awaiting their arrival and I finally picked up two shades, Deep Sea and Heather.

I'm a fan of teal shades so Deep Sea was a must and I was torn between Heather and Sherry for a while but I finally decided on Heather and I am so glad I did because it's a beaut but sure find out for yourself under the cut!


Thursday, 15 October 2015

How I'm Getting My Creative Groove Back

I think everyone in this world is no stranger to feeling frustrated when you just can't seem to come up with new ideas or you just sit in front of the computer and that cursor just keeps on blinking and blinking with no words appearing on the page.  I make no secret when I come up against creative blocks.  Sometimes I don't blog for weeks, not that I don't try but any time I try to post or create a new look, it just never seems quite right.

I used to beat myself up about it, not posting regularly meant that people were not seeing more of my blog, brands might not be as interested in working with me and overall my blog growth would just stagnate.  Getting too stuck on numbers and "success" meant that I was losing focus on what was really important; blog content.  I seemed to lose the passion and love that first started this blog.  It all became too much of a process and not enough of a creative outlet.  When I came to this realisation, it made me take a step back and re-evaluate what it is I want my blog to be.

I decided to give my blog a facelift.  I bought a new layout, redid my banner and logo and it felt like a breath of fresh air.  I try not to focus on the numbers so much and whilst I still jump for joy when I reach a milestone figure, it's not the be all and end all.  In a sea of what seems like an infinite amount of beauty and nail bloggers, my little corner of the internet is a tiny insignificant spec and I'm lucky enough to have you guys interested enough to read my drabble.

I also try not to pressure myself to post.  I've come up with a schedule of sorts.  I try and get my content created during the weekend, meaning when I come home from uni/work, I don't have to worry about posting or creating last minute nail art.  Now, I by no means stick to this (this post is an example, I'm writing this on a Wednesday night after The Apprentice) but if I don't meat my Monday and Thursday targets, well, I get a little down (I want you guys to have consistency) but I don't get too worked up because I'd rather prioritize quality over quantity.

Now, why do I have a rather dodgy drawing of Tiny Fey/Liz Lemon up top?  Well its because I've rediscovered my love for drawing and this has definitely helped get the creative juices flowing.  I've also just started 30 Rock (I know, legit too late for the party) and have been listening to Bossypants so I'm feeling all of the Tina Fey love lately.

This post is a bit different to the usual stuff I post but its just nice to vent sometimes and it is my blog, so there's no better place for it.  I'll be back with regularly scheduled nail posts next week.  I asked over on instagram what sort of Halloween nails you guys would like to see so let me know below what you'd like to see, until next time :-)


Monday, 12 October 2015

Halloween 2015 | Fingertip Bone Nail Art

It's that time of year again when I scrape at the back of my brain to think of new and original Halloween nail ideas that don't litter Google Images.  Whilst I can't guarantee the true originality of these nails, I can't recall seeing these before.  I did a version of these last year as part of a Halloween nail wheel but I decided to update the finger bone nail design by going nude with the base and adding shadow to make it that bit more profesh.


Friday, 9 October 2015

MAC Very Important Poodle from the Haute Dogs Collection

So my lovely friend Emma got me a gift card for MAC for my birthday.  I hottailed it to my local MAC counter and picked up a lipstick (which will be up on the blog soon) and a polish.  I chose Very Important Poodle from the limited edition Haute Dogs collection because its a shade I don't really have in my collection.  I have plenty of nudes and neutrals but Very Important Poodle is a rich camel shade that just exudes sophistication.

Since Haute Dogs is MAC's autumn collection, Very Important Poodle is one of those autumnal shades that'll suit most skin tones and will be something that is a little different than the conventional nude or neutral shade.

I only needed two coats of the polish to get full opacity but I did add a top coat to get an extra glossy finish.  In terms of nail art, I wanted to keep it relatively simple and classy so to fit with the dog theme, I did some dalmatian print on both ring fingers.  I did this with black nail polish and a detail brush.

While nail polish isn't the first product you think of when you go to a MAC counter, I've always enjoyed using them and found them to be of good quality.  At £10, they are not the cheapest of options but if you fancy splurging on a MAC product but want to change it up from the usual lipstick or eyeshadows, then maybe venture into the world of MAC nail polish.

Do you own any MAC nail polish?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow my social media sites, there might be a giveaway coming up soon...until next time :)

Monday, 5 October 2015

HJ Manicure* First Impressions: Swatches and Review

Last week I got a lovely parcel from HJ Manicure, a luxury nail brand that creates polish which is 5-free, cruelty free and vegan friendly so what's not to love!  I've got three shades to show you today, one from their permanent collection and two autumn/winter shades.

At the end of the post I also have a 25% discount for you guys if you want to order any shades from the website (which I think you will) so follow me under the cut to read my first impressions of HJ Manicure polishes.
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