Thursday, 3 September 2015

MICRO Nail Elegance* Review

I'm sure you've all seen the ads some place or other but if you're not familiar, MICRO Nail is an electric nail buffer designed to buff, smooth and shine up your nails.  This Elegance model is an update in design and it does look a bit more sleek and classy (although it kinda looks like something else before you all point it out) but it sits comfortably which is the main thing because if it didn't, this could cause a good bit of damage, so come on under the cut and check out what I thought about the MICRO Nail Elegance.

So with the MICRO Nail, you get types of rollers that fit on top of the device, this is what you use to buff or shine your nails.  The coarser grit is the buffer and the least coarse is the shining roller.  It's really easy to set up the MICRO Nail for use, just pop in two AA batteries (included) and take the plastic off the roller and you're good to go!

BEFORE - As you can see, my nails are in a bit of a sorry state these days.  They're always a bit stained because I paint them so often (and I've used a lot of yellows this summer) and of course I use base coat before you ask but I am sorry you have to see them in all their naked glory LOL  If you look not even that closely, you can see that there are ridges all along the nail, not as bad as they can be but they are still there.

AFTER BUFFING - Across the main body of the nail, it has been smoothed a fair bit but you can still see a bit of ridging at the bottom.  I don't know whether its due to my incompetence as an applicator, the shape of my nail or the product itself but I just couldn't seem to reach the bottom to get a good buff like I might be able to with my normal buffing block.  There is a difference but it would have been good for it to have happened all over the nail.

AFTER SHINE - Now this is where I get kind of impressed.  I'm writing this post four days after I tried the MICRO Nail and my nails are still shining (yes, they're still naked!).  Like the buffing, the shine doesn't go all the way down to the nail bed but I don't think its as noticeable as the difference in ridging.  I'm definitely impressed by this feature.

All in all, the MICRO Nail is pretty straight forward to use, although I found it a bit difficult to use it with my left hand but it might just take some getting used to.  The Elegance model is available from the MICRO Nail website for £29.99 so its not the cheapest product but if you're a nail enthusiast or need a present for one then this might be the ticket.

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*these products were provided for review but all opinions are mine

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