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Disneyland Paris Photo Diary Part 1

So posts have been a bit thin on the ground these past few weeks and that is because I have been travelling A LOT this month and with limited internet plus lack of inspiration plus tiredness, not much blogging has happened and for that I am very sorry.  I really don't want this blog to fall by the wayside so I want to mix up my posts a bit so that I have a bit more freedom to post more than just nails or beauty bits.  It is my blog and I want it to be a true reflection of myself.

I love photography and I got a great reaction to my most recent Instagram upload of a snap from Disneyland so I thought a little round up post would be great to pop up here and I can chat about some of my highlights of the trip.

This is just part one as the other half of my Disneyland Paris photos are still in my camera since the film isn't finished yet so I'll get those posted when I can so let's check out the land of dreams :D

So our journey began in Belfast at half two when we hopped on the bus to get to Dublin Airport.  While flights to Paris do leave from Belfast, the timing meant we would only really be in Disneyland for just over 24 hours and we wanted to make the most of our time there.  We were going from Tuesday to Thursday.  Our flight out was at 0650 on the Tuesday and we were in Paris before 10 o'clock, Paris time.  By the time we got to the different terminal to get the coach to Disney, got on the coach, drove to Disneyland and then check in and to our room, it was nearly 1pm so I have no idea how people with children endure this because it was hard-going with three grown women!

We were staying in the Hotel Cheyenne, a Wild West themed hotel about 15 minutes walk from the Parks.  We were staying in the Calamity Jane building which was near the back of the complex.  It's one of the cheapest hotels within Disneyland so the fittings and fixtures had seen better days but as long as it was clean and kind of comfortable, that's all that mattered because in reality, we did not plan to spend that much time in our room.

The weather forecast for our trip had fluctuated between tropical sun to freezing cold rain but the nearer we got to departure, it looked like we were in for monsoons.  We were VERY pleasantly surprised that our first day at Disneyland Paris was really nice.  The sun was shining and the weather was tres bien!  I was prepared for all weather though so I wore my good rain coat the entire time JUST IN CASE because I'm that guy.  As soon as we got unpacked we headed towards Disneyland Village and the Parks.

We walked along the Rio Grande because it was quicker than waiting on the bus with screaming children and once we got near Disney Village we saw the huge hot air balloon permanently pontooned on Lake Disney.  In the distance you can kind of see the Earl of Sandwich, where I enjoyed a GORGEOUS tuna melt sandwich on day two.

We decided to get stuck into Disneyland Park the first day so we headed towards the entrance where you are first treated to these impressive sights outside of Hotel Disney.  You have to admire that topiary!  I knew as we got closer and closer to the entrance that I would be seeing Sleeping Beauty's castle for the first time.

This is the view as soon as you get through the entrance and as you can see, the Disney Castle is right there.  I don't think it really hit me that we were in Disneyland until I saw the castle.  I'm not going to lie, I welled up a bit!  I was never that big of a Disney fan when I was younger, just as much as the next kid but there is something so special about Disney that makes you regress into your child-like self.

You can just hear the choirs singing right?  This is by far my favourite picture of the trip.  For it being mid-September, the park was quite busy with people but it wasn't too chockerblocked.  I couldn't imagine being here in high summer, there's a fine line between atmospheric hecticness and overwhelming hecticness.

We walked through Sleeping Beauty's castle straight into Fantasyland.  Our first official ride was the sedate Snow White.  I think Fantasyland was my favourite area of Disneyland Park just because of all of the faux historical detailing, I'm a sucker for chintz!  This photo was taken closer to Discoveryland but you can get a good view of something that you don't often see.

Once we got into Discoveryland, it was on!  I didn't really stop to take that many more photos because I was too busy absorbing all of the awesomeness around me.  This was taken later in the afternoon when we were heading towards The Haunted Mansion.  My friends told me that it was weird that there was no queue when we went onto it.  I mean there was literally about seven people in it when we were there.  It was so creepy but I loved it.  Soon after we finished, the crowds surged and we wouldn't have a had a chance if we had left it another ten minutes or so, it was sheer luck!  At this point we had also been on Buzz Lightyear, Star Tours. Captain Nemo's Submarine (which is quoted as a must-see but it is not!) and Big Thunder Mountain.  I was happy enough just walking about and soaking everything in because WE WERE IN DISNEYLAND PARIS!

I held off buying ears because I had seen Leanne Woodfull (one of my fave bloggers) sporting a pair of leopard print ears during her recent trip to the park.  Having not seen anything like them around the park my friend Emma suggested they were probably in Adventureland.  Unfortunately, there were no leopard print ears but I did get these fetching zebra print ears.  During our stay I didn't spot many people wearing these so I felt a bit like a special snowflake LOL

And now for some terrible pictures of the Parade.  We got a surprisingly good spot for the time we got onto main street but it wasn't the best vantage point for pictures when you're a ~petite Minnie such as myself.  There were so many characters and floats and the music is so so catchy, I still find myself singing Magic Everywhere to myself a week later.

Lastly, we have the Castle just before Disney Dreams.  Again, apologies for the picture but short person plus low light and lots of people equals a blurry photo!  We went to dinner after the parade at Plaza Gardens (it was scrummy!) and then went around the different parks until it was time to find a spot for Disney Dreams at 9pm.  At this point, I was so surprised we had all made it to this point without crashing.  We stayed for the entirety of the light show and then headed back to the hotel.  We managed to stay awake and chat for a bit before we crashed.  It started to drizzle as we were walking back so it gave us a glimpse of the weather in store the next day.  We had a late breakfast slot the next morning so we were going to have a bit of lie in so we got into bed and after a while, I got over to sleep.

So that's the end of day one.  I don't have any photos of day two because I didn't bring my film camera with me on day two due to the rain and because I wanted to go on rides where I needed to tuck my bag away.  I'll hopefully have my photos of Day Three up soon so if you've enjoyed this sort of post, let me know because it means I can take more photos which will have a better purpose than my need to preserve every single moment LOL

I have photos from my trip to Copenhagen as well so if you would like to see those, make sure you let me know on twitter, facebook, instagram, tumblr or just in the comments below and until next time :-)

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