Thursday, 6 August 2015

#FestivalReady with Urban Outfitters at Sunflowerfest!

So a few weeks ago you might remember that I posted some nail art based on Urban Outfitters' #UOFestivals campaign.  The lovely people at UOEurope got in contact with myself and offered to let me choose a few items from their website to help me get festival ready.  I had a day at Sunflowerfest lined up so it was perfect!

Sunflowerfest is a three-day festival based in the heart of the countryside near Hillsborough.  It's very much a local festival showcasing local talent across loads of different kooky and crazy stages and settings.  It's not just about the music, there's also some great food, kids activities (its very much a festival for families and young ones alike!), as well as yoga, reiki and other wellbeing exercises.

Follow me under the cut to see a few pics from my day as well as a review of my selection from Urban Outfitters.  It may be August but there are still some festivals ahead so you might get some ideas for yourself.

This is the Old Moot stage, which is based in this cool wooden structure and you can either sit around the edges of the Moot on benches or in the middle on bean bags amongst the hay!  Last time I went to Sunflowerfest, they showed Father Ted in the Moot and we were given sing-a-long sheets for My Lovely Horse.  It was AMAZING.

Reason #1-1,000,000 of why I'll never be a fashion blogger.  I never manage to get a picture I am actually ready for, hence the weird mouth LOL So from head to toe, I'm sporting an ASOS Watermelon headscarf, MINKPINK Paparazzi Sunglasses*,  Cooperative Fisherman's Jacket*, Fred Perry Black Polo, Tatty Devine Anchor Necklace, Zara Powder Blue Rucksack, BDG Jeans, Dr Marten Boots.

I never get the whole 'a festival is a catwalk' mentality.  I mean, if you're an a-lister who will have access to shower facilities and will be doing minimal walking in the mud then fair enough but if you're there in the thick of it then you have to get practical!  I didn't get to use my sunglasses all that much but I love the oversized shape and retro style of the frames.  They're unfortunately sold out on Urban Outfitters now but you might be able to pick up a pair if you're in Australia at their infamous sample sales!

This raincoat, THIS RAINCOAT GUYS.  Not only does is it actually showerproof and have a slight retro feel, it has really deep pockets, not just two BUT FOUR.  For a girl who is always carting about a film SLR (because I'm that guy) and my brick of a phone, deep, voluminous pockets are a must.  You can pick up the jacket here (if you're a XS that is!) AND ITS ON SALE.  

A closer look at my trusty DMs.  I chose DMs over wellies because I nearly lost a welly last time I was at Sunflowerfest in the mud so I thought the laces would be my saving grace.  I've had these boots for nearly 9 years and they have served me so well...I still need to clean them though.

Say hello to my short nails!  If you don't follow me on Instagram (which you totally should), you would know I suffered a terrible break on my index finger last week so all of my nails had to be chopped off.  They're still a bit uneven but I didn't want to take them all the way down.  On my nails I've got W.I.P Tangerine* and NPW Nail and Cuticle Tattoos*.  Of course I had to choose some nail stuff to get festival ready! The polish is a bright neon coral, the picture doesn't do it justice because it is BRIGHT.  The above swatch is of three coats as it is quite thin but buildable.  It's the first of Urban Outfitters' polishes I've tried since they rebranded and I am pleasantly surprised, I might pick up some more next time I'm in the shop.  

This was also the first time I've used proper nail tattoos.  I liked the foil effect of these tattoos and I used them exclusively on my nails.  Since it was my first time, I didn't seem to get the application right so a few of the tattoos were a bit squinty or had parts missing.  I'd be open to trying them again since it might have been an error on my part but I'm not rushing out to buy another packet. 

I tried coconut water for the first time!  It was...interesting but I liked this variety that had the pineapple flavour, very tropical 

 On the way down to the Pond stage and the Enchanted glade.  I told you it was unique!

 We missed out on a performance of Midsummer Night's Dream the night before but the art work near the Glade was so cool.

 The main stage!  If you look really closely, you can see The Voice finalist Daniel Duke performing.  We only caught the end of the performance but there were trumpets.

 PIZZA O'CLOCK!  Another update on my life is that I've recently given up meat.  I wanted to try it out for a month but I might keep at it because in all honesty, I'm not really missing it all that much (but a good pulled pork sandwich or chicken burrito bowl wouldn't go amiss :P)

On our way home.  Oh Sunflowerfest, it's been unreal.  Hopefully see you next year!

Well I hope you enjoyed this different sort of post, what's your coolest festival experience?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to subscribe, like and follow all the sites below, until next time :-)


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