Monday, 27 July 2015

Raspberry Nails with Barry M Raspberry

I remember Barry M Raspberry (the same bottle I have today) being the FIRST nail polish I bought myself when I thought 'Oh, I've left school, I can paint my nails again'.  I thought the pinky-red would be the perfect shade to dabble into the world of nail polish, cut to five years later and its one of over 200 shades I own (I destashed a few months ago) but its always been a popular shade for both myself and my Mummy when we want plain nails.  Saying that, I do love a good fun nail art design and we see so many fruit themed nails like strawberries, oranges and lemons, watermelon or kiwi but I've never seen raspberry nails (I don't recall anyway) so I thought to tie in with Yoomoo's latest competition #FASHIONFREEZE, I'd try my hand at raspberry nails!

 Barry M Raspberry, Coconut, Red-Black, Key Lime and Color Club Wild Cactus
So for this look I applied Raspberry straight from the brush onto the nail after my base of Coconut was dry.  You don't have to bee too neat since raspberries are naturally quite knobbly but do try to create an arc rather than a line straight across the nail.  Once dry, I used my detailing brush with Red-Black and outlined the raspberry bits.  After this step I mix Coconut with a little of Raspberry to create the highlight shade to create more dimension in the shapes.  Moving onto the leaves, I used the same detailing brush to create the leaf shapes with Key Lime and outlined these shapes as well as adding the stalks with Wild Cactus and then finally creating highlights with Coconut to create depth in the design (or at least I think it creates depth).

If you guys would like a step by step visual guide for these nails, let me know and I will hopefully get around to doing it if there is enough interest!

Its great when you discover old shades of polishes that have been with you for YEARS and have survived remarkably well.  She's a little on the thick side but Raspberry still looks the part.  Can you remember your first nail polish purchase?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow, like and subscribe on all the sites below, until next time :D



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