Friday, 17 July 2015

Models Own Sarong Wrap and Turquoise Sea (Polish for Tans)

So the new additions to the Polish for Tans range (previous swatches can be found here) have been out for a while and I've only just gotten around to buying some.  My excuse is that there is only one Models Own stand in town and its always a bit bare and sad looking so they usually don't have what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it and while I wanted to pick up Cocktail Hour (a coral shade) there were none there but I decided to finally bite the bullet and check out what these new shades had to offer to the collection.  I chose Sarong Wrap, a lovely banana yellow and Turquoise Sea, a bright blue-toned turquoise.

I settled on a fun beach ball/optical illusion design that's quite reminiscent of The Illustrated Nail I think.  I started with a base of white polish first of all as I wanted the colours to really pop.  I have to say, I was a bit disappointed as Sarong Wrap is very thin in its formulation.  Even with the white base, it took three decent coats to get full opacity of the yellow shade.  This is usually the norm for yellow polishes but I did harbour some hope that this yellow might be a bit different and be a two coater but sure we can't have it all, its a lovely shade all the same.

Using my detailing brush, I then began outlining and filling in the spiral design.  For the blue sections, only one coat of the polish was needed.  Once I let the design dry, I sealed everything in with a slick of Instadri.

I like that these shades aren't straight up neons but are rather just bright colours that will get you into the summer mode without being too garish as neons sometimes can be.  Obviously you don't need a tan to wear them as you can see from the above photos as I am as white as they come LOL so they suit many skin tones, not just those of the sun-kissed variety.

Sarong Wrap and Turquoise Sea are both available from the Models Own website and Superdrug for £4.99.  I picked these up as part of Superdrug's buy one get one half price promotion on Models Own so get to it if you fancy them.

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  1. This is such a pretty design, so bright and bold!


  2. Very pretty design =]

  3. ooh so bright! i love the colour combo!


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