Thursday, 16 April 2015

Models Own Festival Nail Polish Collection* Swatches and Review

Here we go guys, here are the highly anticipated swatches of Models Own new Festival Collection nail polishes.  What is cool about this release is that it's not just a collection of nail polishes but there are lipsticks, face paints and hair sprays to get you into the Summer mood.  I've been stalking my nearest Model Own stand for the lip sticks to come in stock to no avail so if anyone can point me in the direction of swatches, then go ahead!  Anyway, follow me under the cut so we can get looking at some bright and wonderful polishes :-)

From Models Own -
Let your hands do the talking with four beautifully bright, block colour polishes and one multi-coloured glitter top coat to add a bit of sparkle to the rave.

Models Own aren't a stranger to the neon summer polishes, with the likes of the Polish for Tans and Ice Neon collections still being a popular feature on their social media but I can tell you that these are different.  Not as in your face as the Ice Neons or as Pastel as the Polish for Nails, the colour polishes from the Festival collection are definitely not safe for work shades but will go down well at your fave music festival, in the club under the UV lights or just on the beach on holiday.

The swatches below are of two thin coats of polish followed by top coat.  I found the polishes dried naturally as semi-matte, almost like a satin I'd say so if you prefer that effect then leave the top coat but if you like your gloss then pop it on.

Green Fields* is a kelly green shade, just shy of being neon and which makes it something a bit different, I don't have anything like this in my collection.  Just so you know, all of these polishes are cremes so there's no need to layer with white to make the colour pop because it does this on its own.

Blue Skies* is another shade I can't find in my collection.  It's this mid-blue shade that sits between a cornflower blue and sky blue.  Really unusual and eyecatching, I welcome this into my Helmer with open arms.

Purple Bandana* is another doppelgänger for Pantone's 2014 Colour of the Year, Radiant Orchid.  A creamier, lighter version of the new Hypergel shade Purple Orchid, I think this would be a gorgeous colour of darker skin tones.

 Pink Bandana* is a bright bubblegum, Barbie pink perfect for the girly girl in you.  If pink is your colour of choice then go for this bad boy if you want to go for something a bit louder.  I do think that this is the most average colour in the collection, meaning that you could find it in most brands, even within Models Own so it wouldn't be my first choice out of the collection but its a lovely shade all the same :-)

Colour Explosion* immediately caught my eye when we first caught a glimpse of this collection.  Filled with varying sizes of hex glitter in a multitude of shades, I was really hoping this glitter would be a cracker in terms of pay off.  My index finger and middle finger have two coats of the glitter and my ring finger and little finger have one coat each.  You can tell that you do need to help the glitter a bit with some placement but with two coats you get a decent amount of coverage.  I personally think this would be gorgeous on paler, pastel shades so I might try that out in the future.

So there you are, I hope you've enjoyed the swatches and hopefully I'll get my hands on some of the lipsticks and face paints as well to show those to you as well.  The nail polishes from the Festival collection are £4.99 each and are available from the Models Own website, Bottleshops and in Superdrug now!  My personal recommendations would be Blue Skies and Purple Bandana, what's your favourite?

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*these products were provided for review but all opinions are mine



  1. I really love the look of these shades! I think Purple Bandana is my favourite, but I love the look of the Pink Bandana too! It kind of looks like it's got a bit of coral in there too? Unless that's just my screen settings/the lighting, but either it!

  2. I think Purple Bandana will be one of the most popular shades from the collection and I'd say that Pink Wellies is definitely a bubblegum pink but it might seem a bit of a coral in certain light. Thanks for the comment :-)

  3. Oh my, these are gorgeous! In love with Purple Bandana and Blue Skies, definitely my next purchases!

  4. I think Blue Skies is so unique, definitely one to pick up! Thanks for the comment :)

  5. Hmm I'm undecided. I don't dislike the colours, but I did get caught up in all the hype and was expecting another super neon collection. And I was hoping the glitter would be similar to the new China Glaze neon glitter so that's kinda disappointing for me. But the green and purple are still perfectly lovely colours so maybe I'll pick up those two...!

  6. Well I'd say they're more of an everyday neon, not too in-your-face but still eyecatching but I guess with the new Polish for Tans additions the super neon quotient has been filled by Models Own LOL.


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