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The Grand Budapest Hotel Nail Art and Review

So the Oscars mark the end of an exciting awards season and I have to admit, I'm always pretty bad at catching all the big nominated movies before the ceremony (what kind of film student am I?) but I have had the chance to watch Wes Anderson's latest offering, The Grand Budapest Hotel and I thought it was the perfect film to inspire some nail art so close to the ceremony and if you're interested, I'll also be reviewing the film as well, so follow me under the cut for some of Mendl's finest and some semblance of a film review

Models Own Lilac Sheen, Blue Glint, Cornflower Glean, Pink Veneer (Hypergels), Barry M Sky Blue, Cotton (Gellys) and OPI Do You Have This in Stock-holm

Let's start with the nails!  Starting with my index finger, it is inspired by the Mendls uniforms M. Gustave and Zero wear towards the end of the film.  My middle finger is inspired by the Grand Budapest ceramics insignia.  My ring finger is inspired by the Mendls box and lastly, my thumb and little finger are inspired by the Society of the Crossed Keys slate.

I used my striper brush and my detailing brush for this nail art look and it actually didn't take as long to complete all five fingers that I thought and I'm really pleased with the overall look.  The colour palette alone I think reminds you of the film itself and the designs used on each nail are subtle enough but recognisable to someone who's seen the film, I think anyway!
Now onto...


I'll start off first by saying that I am a Wes Anderson fan.  The film landscape can be somewhat overwhelming with so many different films coming out all the time that they can all start to blend together but when you see a Wes Anderson film, you know that you are watching this man's work.  The whole idea of the auteur is kind of outdated in this day and age but I don't think you can really disagree with the statement that Wes Anderson is the true author of his films.  From his use of centre focus shots and that font (Futura if you're wondering), Anderson's creative vision is apparent in every frame of his films, and The Grand Budapest Hotel is no exception.

Based on the writings of Stefan Zweig, The Grand Budapest Hotel is a story within a story within a story but it's not that complicated to follow.  The main narrative follows The Grand Budapest Hotel's concierge M. Gustave (Ralph Fiennes) as he tries to clear his name, with the help of his Lobby Boy (Tony Revolori), after he is accused of murder.  The film is great mix of drama, comedy, tragedy, romance and gore, typical of Anderson.  While on the surface The Grand Budapest Hotel may seem saccharine and superficial, the sugary pastel tones of the hotel's fa├žade and Mendl's pastry are broken up by images of graphic sex and violence, insuring we're not too comfortable in the lavish surrounds of the Grand Budapest.

There's a reason why The Grand Budapest Hotel has been so critically lauded, or should I say there are many.  The immense ensemble cast, led by Fiennes and unknown Revolori bring the script to life and save the film from being a purely aesthetic exercise.  Many of Anderson's collaborators pop up in the film like Bill Murray, Adrien Brody and Willam Defoe but was I the only one who kind of missed Anjelica Hueston?  The film didn't suffer per say from her absence but as a Wes Anderson fan, her presence was missed.  Maybe she could have been the Widow but Tilda Swinton was AMAZING in her short but sweet role.

Overall, the film is a fantastic sum of its parts.  With such a great script, ensemble cast and the creative mind of Wes Anderson behind it, The Grand Budapest Hotel has been one of my cinematic faves over the past year.  I know his films aren't for everyone and everyone won't share my enthusiam for his work but if you are a fan of any of his films, then I can't recommend The Grand Budapest Hotel enough and even if you're not a fan, I say give the film a go.  It's probably his most accessible film since Rushmore as it doesn't deal with as heavy issues than say The Royal Tenenbaums or The Darjeeling Limited but it still has emotional gravitas that helps tie you to the environs of The Grand Budapest much like M. Gustave and Mr. Mufasa.

I hope that wasn't too much for you guys.  I enjoy writing these little reviews and hope you don't get bored soon and want to read some more.  I don't have a schedule for them at the moment so they'll just pop up from time to time but there will always be some sort of nail art to tie it all together so I'm leaving you having!

What's your favourite Wes Anderson film?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow me by all the sites below, until next time :-)



  1. Wish you could do my nails sometime! Love your posts x


  2. Awesome nails! It's a movie I definitely want to see x
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