Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Models Own Hypergel Spring 2015 Update*

Here's another great spring launch that I've gotten a hold of, five of the ten new Models Own Hypergel Spring 2015 colours.  When I first saw the new shades on Models Own's takeover of Superdrug's instagram, a few colours definitely caught my eye and I'm so glad that I received a few of them to test out.  Today I'll be showing you Paradise Pink*, Powder Blue*, Long Beach Peach*, Tropical Green* and Purple Orchid* so pop on under the cut and see the pretty!

By now I'm sure you all know what Hypergels are but just in case you don't, they are Models Own's gel effect polish that means you have the look and feel of a gel polish without using UV light to set it.  They're some of my favourite polishes so let's hope the new releases live up to the rest of the collection!

Paradise Pink - A lovely cool pale pink shade, I only needed to do two coats of this polish to get full opacity which I was quite surprised about.  I think it's a gorgeous option for a bridal manicure.  In case you wanted to know, Paradise Pink and Pink Veneer are definitely different enough to warrent having both.  Pink Veneer is a deeper, warmer pink compared to Paradise Pink.

Powder Blue - This is probably the colour I was most drawn to when I saw the first few images of the new polishes.  It does exactly what it says on the tin and is a true powder blue.  I know a few people were hoping it would be more of a duck-egg blue but in my opinion it is too blue to be such.  Also, this polish needed three coats to get full opaqueness.

Long Beach Peach - Another shade that caught my eye, I can't resist a peach!  It's actually more of the mix between a peach and a muted coral, something a bit different that I don't have in my collection (which is saying something).  It's quite vibrant on the nails and would look good with a tan.  The above swatch is two coats.

Tropical Green - Now moving on from the Spring pastels to the Summer brights!  Tropical Green has met mixed reviews I think because it is such a striking green and might be more difficult to pull off with everyday wear but on holiday or St. Patrick's Day?  This is the ticket.  Now, the finish of Tropical Green is definitely more like a jelly polish than a creme so it's more sheer than the pastel shades in the collection.  I needed three coats for opacity and you can still kind of see my tips though the polish so it just depends on whether you like this sort of finish.

Purple Orchid - A dead ringer for last year's Pantone Colour of the Year, Purple Orchid is stunning bright purple shade that will help bridge the gap between dark winter shades to bright spring/summer shades.  Like Tropical Green, this polish is much more like a jelly so three coats were needed for some opacity and again you can kind of see my tips through the polish but for the colour, I think it's worth it and the slight sheerness of the polish helps transform it from a darker winter shade to something you would wear in the summer.

The new Models Own Hypergel shades are available from the Models Own website and Superdrug NOW and are priced at £4.99 each (the same price as normal Models Own polishes).  Which polish do you like best?  I really like Paradise Pink and Purple Orchid.  Let me know what you think in the comments below and be sure to follow, subscribe and like the links below, until next time :-)

*these products were provided for review but all opinions are mine

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