Friday, 27 February 2015

Barry M Speedy Collection* Swatches and Review

So everyone's instagram feed and twitter timeline is awash with all the new Spring beauty releases and Flails and Nails is no exception!  Today I bring you the new Speedy Collection* from Barry M, 9 fast-drying polishes perfect for the girl on the go and anyone who's a bit impatient when it comes to polish.  The collection currently has 9 gorgeous pastel shades that range from the usual pastel pinks and blues in every Spring collection to unusual orange and greys so pop on under the cut to check out my swatches and what I thought about the polishes.

Since I take my time with my nails and always use a fast-dry top coat like Seche Vite or Instadri, the whole fast-dry thing doesn't really matter to me but I can definitely see where there is a market for this sort of product but I'm glad that Barry M started the collection in Spring so we have these fab pastels to work with.

All the swatches below are with three thin coats base or top coat :O  I thought I'd use the polishes like most people would, for a quick slick of colour without bothering with all the prep.  It was very strange not using a base coat at least but I tried to put my mind in the same mindset as the girl on the go and here are the results!

 Kiss Me Quick* - A sweet pastel pink

 In a Heartbeat - pink coral

 Full Throttle - a light mango orange

 Stop the Clock - warm toned off-white

 Pole Position - pistachio spring green

 Road Rage - minty blue/green

 Eat my Dust - light cornflower blue

 Pit Stop - a purple toned grey

Lap of Honour - vibrant lilac purple

The results for the polishes were pretty uniform across the board so I'll just do one general round up review of them all.  Each coat dried pretty quickly, around about 70 seconds so you didn't have to wait long before topping up your coat but since the formula is quite thin (hence the quick-dry) you do need three, or at least I found I did, to get full opacity, Full Throttle and Lap of Honour were probably the only exceptions since they only needed two but they are brighter colours so that's probably why.  Since you have to do three coats for most colours, the full manicure might take too long for some people but it is a lot faster than conventional polishes.

One thing I LOVED about these polishes is the brush.  Barry M have introduced a new bigger, flatter brush for these polishes to make application of the polish even faster.  It would be fab if they introduced this new brush to all their polishes.  My nails tend to be quite long and their quite wide so I usually have to double dip when painting with Barry M brushes so if this was the new standard, I would be VERY pleased.

One thing to look out for though is bubbling on the nail but this is common with fast dry polishes so just be aware.  Be sure as well to clean your nail bed thoroughly before painting as you will see every imperfection since the layers are so thin so if you can, take the time to use a base coat but it's not a necessity.

All in all, I love the colour range of this collection, my favourites would be Full Throttle and Pole Position because they're a bit different than your standard spring releases and they do dry extremely fast though you do need an extra layer for full opacity but if you're looking for a polish you can pop on your nails just as you're about to leave the door then check these out.

All the polishes in the Speedy collection are priced at £3.99 and can be bought from the Barry M website as well as Superdrug and Boots stores.

Which colour do you like best?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on the social media sites below, until next time.

*these products were provided for review but all opinions are mine


  1. Beautiful! I love the coral shade in particular - so spring-like (says she as it lashes rain and sleets outside) X
    Becca | theBeautyInbox

  2. I know, it's the first day of Spring and the weather is wild but nice bright nails will get us through the horrible weather LOL


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