Sunday, 18 January 2015

Models Own Colour Chrome Collection* Swatches and Review (Pink, Gold, Green, Blue and Silver)

Time and time again Models Own come out with a new collection of polishes and you just go WOW.  The first images of the new Colour Chrome* collection from the brand were only released two days ago but quite a buzz has been created for the first Models Own release of 2015.  I was lucky enough to receive some samples of the new polishes to swatch and review.

First off, let's start with the technical stuff, here's what Models Own have to say about the new Colour Chrome collection...

'The latest innovation in nails, Models Own launches the new Colour Chrome collection.  Ten on-trend molten metal nail polishes formulated to give a stunning unique liquid metal effect.  Each chrome effect shade gives a super shiny foil finish for an easily achievable luxe style - pick a different shade to accessorise every outfit, or perfect as a one night showstopper'

Models Own recommend that you buff your nails first before using these polishes, along with no base or top coat to achieve that true foil finish but use two or three coats for durability, so, onto the swatches!

Models Own Chrome Pink*

So here's the first swatch, Pink.  I really liked this colour, I found it to be more lilac than pink to be honest but this is because of the way chrome polishes are made as there is a lot more grey in the pigment but if you want a proper pink, the Cerise shade might be for you.  The above swatch is two coats with no base or top coat.  The polish dries quickly and although you get brush stroke marks when its still wet, when the polish dries, they mostly even out which is great.  I think this would be a funky shade for Valentine's Day.

Models Own Chrome Gold*

Chrome Gold would be in direct competition with Barry M's famed Gold foil polish.  When I compare them, I find that Barry M does not have a true foil finish whereas the Models Own shade does.  I can't wait to do some detail work with this shade.  I'd have loved the gold to have been a bit more yellow but this shade is still gorgeous.  Again, this is two coats, no base or top coat.

Models Own Chrome Green*

Now, onto my favourite shade!  If there was ever a dream shade for me to own, it is a chrome/foil finish green.  I really love this shade for reasons I can't even explain LOL It's just the prettiest green shade that looks like a beetle's shell, pair with one of the Beetlejuice shades and you're onto a winner!  Again, this is two coats, no base or top coat.

Models Own Chrome Blue*

Now, I think this was the shade that caused the most excitement on my Instagram feed yesterday.  It's a gorgeous mid-blue shade which again took two coats with no base or top coat.  One thing I have to say is that this one did stain a bit (blues tend to do that) so just be careful when you're taking this off or maybe try using a base coat, I'd be interested in seeing how that looks but just do you know :) 

Models Own Chrome Silver*

Here's the most futuristic shade of all LOL.  A true silver shade, it's nice and bright.  Now, I did find that the formula for this shade was a bit thinner so I NEEDED three coats for overall opaqueness and you can see there's a bit more brush stroke going on on the swatches but I'm not sure if this is just my bottle or the shade in general but I do like it, it's a lot brighter than Barry M's Silver Foil but I'd be interested in reading what other people think...

So there's all the swatches!  I hope you made it to the end of this post in one piece LOL.  I really like this collection and I'll definitely be checking out what the other shades look like.  The polishes from the Colour Chrome collection will be available from the Models Own website on the 29th January as part of their 50% SALE in limited quantities and then will be in the Bottleshops from 31st January and Superdrug from 11th February for £4.99.

My post contains just half of the collection, for the other five shades, check out Madison's swatches over on Fundamentally Flawless (my fave from her's is Rose!)

My recommendation?  Green and Gold (perfect for St. Patrick's Day!)  Let me know what you think the comments below and be sure to follow me by the sites below, until next time :)

*these products were provided for review but all opinions are mine


  1. They're all fantastic, but the blue, oh the blue <3

    I want to stamp with them, NOW.

    : )

  2. The blue is the one that everyone seems to be loving, the green was my surprise favourite!

  3. Gorgeous photos. Thank you!

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