Monday, 14 December 2015


Guys, it's been FAR too long since I've done some detailed nail art so I'm back with a bang! When I was trying to think of unique festive nail art ideas, I came up with the idea of mince pies. I've never come across any other mince pie nail art but please correct me if that isn't the case!

The road to these nails was not easy I'll tell you that now. Since I haven't done any detailed nail art in a while, my brushes were all over the place and I cannot for the life of me find my beloved detail brush so I had to improvise. Also, since I've never come across mince pie nails before I was going into this blind and they took me a good bit of time to complete. Since there are a fair few steps to these nails, I'll not get into too many details but do let me know if you'd like a tutorial.

My base shade is OPI's Don't Pretzel My Buttons which acts as the pastry. I then used Barry M's Mocha and a dark brown Color Club shade as the mince meat. I finished off the accents and icing sugar with Barry M Coconut. Like I said, this was a bit of a slap-dash, make it up as you go along manicure which involved two sub-par detailing brushes and a toothbrush but a more detailed tutorial could be posted on Instagram if you'd like :D

Speaking of Instagram (nice segue if I do say so myself), today I am launching my first Instagram giveaway :O I've hosted a giveaway on the blog before but I thought it would be fun to do one over on Instagram, especially for this time of year. The prizes consist of my favourite and most-used products or brands from 2015 so its the perfect way to say goodbye to what has been a very good year. Pop on over to my Instagram profile and find the entry photo and follow the instructions. If the picture hasn't been posted by the time you visit my profile, follow and wait because it will definitely be uploaded TODAY. Unfortunately, this giveaway is just for UK residents only due to the nail polish you can win but I really hope to do an international giveaway soon :)

I hope you've enjoyed this brief foray into nail art and I hope I'll get back into it over Christmas and New Year's. Are you sporting festive nails yet? Let me know in the comments below and make sure to head over to Instagram to enter the giveaway, until next time :)


Friday, 11 December 2015

First Impressions...Make-Up Atelier Paris*

Make-Up Atelier Paris is one of those brands I recognized from the kits of the make-up artists on different Extra jobs. The brand can be found in Paddy McGurgan's Make-up Pro Store in Belfast city centre, as well as Make-Up Atelier Paris' website. They were kind enough to send me a tailored package best suited to the preferences I sent them by email and the parcel didn't disappoint!

Included in my parcel was waterproof gel liner, concealer, pearl powder, foundation, liquid lipstick, eyeliner pen and an eyeshadow palette. With these products I hope to play around with both casual and dressy looks. I had hoped to photograph my tests of the products but anyone who lives here knows that the weather has been terrible so the lighting is really bad. Last Sunday we had a brief spell of sunshine which meant I could photograph the products but by the time I sat down and finished my face, it was SO DULL so no pics BUT I do have one of just my face after I applied the foundation and concealer.

When I'm sent foundation to sample, it's always too dark so I was really pleased when I was asked what shades I usually wear so I could be matched. I just said send me the palest you have but I did get more specific, mentioning my love for Rimmel's Lasting Finish in Porcelain and YSL Fusion Ink foundation in B10. I was sent the shade FLW1A Clear Apricot in the Waterproof Liquid Foundation.

When I first saw the foundation, I was a little frightened because when compared to my other foundations, it looked a fair bit darker. What I did to counteract this fear was to only use a little at a time and buff the foundation into my skin. The foundation is nearly full coverage but because I'm only using a little at first then building coverage up where I need it (the middle of my face) I got that full coverage look without looking too painted towards the edges of my face. I'm not usually one for full coverage but when you're having a bad skin day (like I was this day), then this is the ticket. It didn't feel too heavy on the skin but the coverage was there. It's all down to getting a good buffer into the skin methinks. The Waterproof Liquid Foundation is available from the Make-Up Atelier Paris website and the Make-Up Pro Store for £22.00.

I also used the Waterproof Liquid Concealer in the matching FLW1A shade. Again, it looked a bit darker than my normal products in the tube so I initially just applied small dots under my eyes. The shade is quite salmon-y so I thought that although it is dark, the warm, salmon tones would help counteract the heinous dark circles under my eyes. As you can see, my dark circles aren't as offensive than they are in their natural state. I tried the concealer on one spot at the side of my face but the shade was far too dark for blemishes. While it may not be able to help me during a hormonal breakout, the Make-Up Atelier Paris Waterproof Liquid Concealer acts as a great colour corrector for my tired eyes. The Waterproof Liquid Concealer is available from the Make-Up Atelier Paris website and the Make-Up Pro Store for £12.50.

Make sure you follow me on Instagram to be kept updated on how I get on with the Make-Up Atelier Paris products. I'll post one round up post about all the products once I try them all out but if you want to see and read about it first, it's all about that instagram!

Have you any looks in mind that might be accomplished with these products? Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow my social media on the links to the side, until next time :)

Monday, 7 December 2015

Festive Shattered/Broken Glass Nail Art feat. Barry M (Black Pistachio*)

So I guess you could consider this the first of my festive blog posts. I've experimented with broken glass/shattered glass nails before but never posted them over here so I thought I'd kill three birds with one stone and do a subtle festive mani, use Barry M Black Pistachio and show you my interpretation of the broken glass nail trend. I've been wanting to try out the new Black Gellys for a while (I've two others to show you) and since we are less than three weeks away from Christmas, Black Pistachio seemed like a natural choice for the first festive mani of the season!

So follow me under the cut to see more and ready about my trials and tribulations concerning this fecking glitter.


Monday, 30 November 2015

Models Own Glittergel Swatches & Review (Sheer Sparkle*, Petunia Glitz* and Starburst)

On the blog today I've got some glittery shades to start of the festive season with a bang! Models Own have recently added to their Hypergel repertoire with five new glitter shades, aptly named Glittergel. Like their Hypergel siblings, the Glittergel polishes are no UV gel effect polishes which should last for longer and be easy to remove. I was sent two polishes from the range to try out and purchased one myself. In all honesty, these should have been on the blog a few weeks ago (I had the photos done) but then I bought another shade and I had to cut my nails so I thought it best to just reswatch them all. Come under the cut to check out these three sparkly shades and see whether they live up to the Hypergel reputation...


Monday, 23 November 2015

Estée Lalonde & The Body Shop - Nail Art Kit Review

Estée Lalonde, or essiebutton as I first knew her as, was one of the very first bloggers I followed. I love her infectious enthusiasm and sense of humour. It's been great to watch her progress in the blogosphere and with her recent rebranding and elevation to what seems to be the upper echelons of the blogging world, I was so pleased to hear that she was going to collaborate with one of her favourite brands (and ex-employer) The Body Shop to bring out a nail art kit.

As a fan of both Estée and The Body Shop (and nail polish obvs), I knew I'd be all over this collab so I've been keeping an eye out in my local Body Shop branch and I finally got my mitts on it during one of their special discount events. I also got A LOT more stuff but maybe you'll see that another time. Anywho, I've taken the liberty to try out the nail art kit and show you what you can do with it (beyond the two nail art tutorials included with the set) so pop under the cut to see what it's all about :-)


Friday, 20 November 2015

Table for One? Travelling Solo to Copenhagen

If you follow me on instagram (which you totally should be), you'll know that I revisited one of my favourite cities in the past week, Copenhagen. What made this trip a bit different was that I was travelling totally alone. I'm twenty...something and this is something I've never done. Now, that's not to say that I've only ever been away with family, quite the contrary. All of my trips on planes have been with friends or school bar my first trip to Copenhagen two months ago with my Dad. Both visits to the city were because of conferences (I'm a PhD student in case you didn't know) and this time around, I decided to put my big girl trousers  on and do it all by myself.

Anyone who's watched Taken or any of those grim travelling horror films can understand why a very young looking woman was a bit nervous to be travelling by herself but since travelling is part and parcel of the whole PhD experience and I've not got a significant other to drag around these places, its about high time I tried to go out into the world by myself and here is what I thought...


Sunday, 8 November 2015

Models Own Colour Chrome Autumn/Winter 15* Swatches & Review (Pearl, Grey, Copper, Red and Turquoise)

I've previously blogged about Models Own's Colour Chrome collection here but this week they announced that they have added five new shades to the existing collection.  To say I was excited is an understatement!  When all five new shades popped through my letterbox (or rather were handed to me by the postman), I swatched them straight away.  Apologies for the picture quality, not sure what's going on with my camera at the moment, it's six years old so it may be time to retire the old girl from the blog but anywho, let's get to it!

Following Models Own's instructions, I gently buffed my nails before swatching and did not use a top coat or base coat.
Chrome Pearl - This is the shade that has had the most buzz around it because THAT. BOTTLE.  It's worth the £4.99 alone in my opinion (but I'm a crazy nail polish lady).  When I first opened up the bottle, I couldn't see the iridescence in the polish but I thought it would appear when painted on the nail.  I was a little bit disappointed with this one to be honest.  The bottle and name promises a gorgeous lilac, opalescent shade but its very similar to Chrome Silver from the original Colour Chrome launch.  It could just be my bottle of it but if you already have Chrome Silver, maybe give it a miss but if you don't, then get it for the pretty bottle and lovely metallic cool silver finish.  This swatch was three coats.


Monday, 2 November 2015

Models Own Twilight Collection Swatches* (Everyday Storm, Grey Storm, Cashmere Rose and Marsala)

You might have seen my previous post where I featured two of my favourite new shades from the Hypergel range by Models Own.  Well today I have four more shades from the Twilight Collection to tickle your Autumn/Winter fancy!  These shades are very much on the safe for work scale of polishes so if you're looking for the perfect autumnal shade that'll see you through work and the weekend, then you might find it here so let's get started.

All of the below swatches are with no top coat.

 Everyday Grey* is a cool, mid toned grey.  It's a two coater with a smooth creme finish.  I have a thing for grey polishes and this definitely fits the bill as a good'un.


Thursday, 29 October 2015

Halloween 2015 - Beetlejuice Nail Art & Tutorial

Today we are going for a straight forward manicure, a favourite for around this time of year but with a bit of a twist.  No cut needed today for our brief foray into the world of Beetlejuice nail art!

Polishes - For this, all you need is a black and white polish.  I went for Cotton from Barry M and their matte black.  The glow in the dark top coat is optional but it adds to that spooky feel of the manicure.

Tools - For this manicure you will need a striper brush and a detail brush.  You can get away with just one brush but I find having the tool helps with getting a more precise finish.

Step 1 - After prepping the nail, paint the nail with your base colour (white).  Get full opacity and once dry, apply glow in the dark top coat (optional)

Step 2 - Once your base is dry, draw one line diagonally across the nail about half way down.  This will the line which joins the two halves together.  Do this with the detailing brush if you have one available.  Once this first step is achieved, use the striper brush to fill in the thicker black lines, either starting with the diagonal lines or vertical lines, it is personal preference.

Take you time to ensure even lines and precision (as you can see, I could do with some more!).  Leave the nails to dry for a bit if you can to ensure no streaking will take place and once dry, apply top coat and party the night away!

I hope you've enjoyed this latest Halloween post and be sure to let me know if you attempt any of the designs featured this week, I love seeing your nails.  Be sure to like, follow and subscribe to the sites in the side bar, until next time :-)

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Halloween 2015 - Mermaid Nail Art and Tutorial

This one is for all you budding Ariels and generic sea sirens.  I've went with a green colour scheme but this tutorial can be switched up to match any colour scheme, just change the base colour and accent glitter accordingly but without further adieu, let's get to it!


Monday, 26 October 2015

Halloween 2015 - Harley Quinn (Step by Step Tutorial) feat. Barry M

If you follow me on twitter, you'd know that I hinted at a bit of Halloween overload on the blog this week and let's just say I think I'll deliver!  Every weekday leading up to Halloween, I'll be posting a new nail art look, most will be with step-by-step how to's so that you can hopefully get on board and have some cool nails for Halloween.

I used Google's cool Frightgeist website to get some ideas as to what nails might be needed.  Although the site only charts the popular costume searches in the US, I presume that they are symptomatic of the rest of the Western world so hopefully these nails will be of some relevance to you!

The first nail art look is taken from the #1 most searched for costume of Frightgeist, which is Harley Quinn.  Now, since the excitement over Suicide Squad is building and building, I can only assume that the Harley Quinn people are hoping to dress as is the newest incarnation of the character, as played by Margot Robbie.  I'm sorry to disappoint anyone who came here looking for the more traditional Harley Quinn nail look but there are plenty of tutorials out there for that so just have a quick google and I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for.  Now, if you're still with me, let's hop on under the cut and see how you can get this look in time for Halloween.


Friday, 23 October 2015

Simply Spooky Nail Art with Kiko Nail Art Kits*

Kiko have recently released a range of nail art accessories, including nail stickers in various designs as well as a nail art brush kit.  I thought it would be cool to see if I could pull together some simple nail ideas for Halloween for those who think they're not up for anything more ambitious or won't have the time to so follow me under the cut to see the results!


Monday, 19 October 2015

Models Own Hypergel Twilight Collection Nail Art/Swatches & Review

True to Models Own form, they have released new Hypergel shades to add to the existing collection under the name of the Twilight Collection.  Unlike last year's Autumn/Winter offering, these new additions are a variety of shades, ranging from subtle neutrals to vampy reds.  I've been checking my local Superdrug (well, it's technically not the nearest Superdrug but its the closest that stocks Models Own) for a few weeks awaiting their arrival and I finally picked up two shades, Deep Sea and Heather.

I'm a fan of teal shades so Deep Sea was a must and I was torn between Heather and Sherry for a while but I finally decided on Heather and I am so glad I did because it's a beaut but sure find out for yourself under the cut!


Thursday, 15 October 2015

How I'm Getting My Creative Groove Back

I think everyone in this world is no stranger to feeling frustrated when you just can't seem to come up with new ideas or you just sit in front of the computer and that cursor just keeps on blinking and blinking with no words appearing on the page.  I make no secret when I come up against creative blocks.  Sometimes I don't blog for weeks, not that I don't try but any time I try to post or create a new look, it just never seems quite right.

I used to beat myself up about it, not posting regularly meant that people were not seeing more of my blog, brands might not be as interested in working with me and overall my blog growth would just stagnate.  Getting too stuck on numbers and "success" meant that I was losing focus on what was really important; blog content.  I seemed to lose the passion and love that first started this blog.  It all became too much of a process and not enough of a creative outlet.  When I came to this realisation, it made me take a step back and re-evaluate what it is I want my blog to be.

I decided to give my blog a facelift.  I bought a new layout, redid my banner and logo and it felt like a breath of fresh air.  I try not to focus on the numbers so much and whilst I still jump for joy when I reach a milestone figure, it's not the be all and end all.  In a sea of what seems like an infinite amount of beauty and nail bloggers, my little corner of the internet is a tiny insignificant spec and I'm lucky enough to have you guys interested enough to read my drabble.

I also try not to pressure myself to post.  I've come up with a schedule of sorts.  I try and get my content created during the weekend, meaning when I come home from uni/work, I don't have to worry about posting or creating last minute nail art.  Now, I by no means stick to this (this post is an example, I'm writing this on a Wednesday night after The Apprentice) but if I don't meat my Monday and Thursday targets, well, I get a little down (I want you guys to have consistency) but I don't get too worked up because I'd rather prioritize quality over quantity.

Now, why do I have a rather dodgy drawing of Tiny Fey/Liz Lemon up top?  Well its because I've rediscovered my love for drawing and this has definitely helped get the creative juices flowing.  I've also just started 30 Rock (I know, legit too late for the party) and have been listening to Bossypants so I'm feeling all of the Tina Fey love lately.

This post is a bit different to the usual stuff I post but its just nice to vent sometimes and it is my blog, so there's no better place for it.  I'll be back with regularly scheduled nail posts next week.  I asked over on instagram what sort of Halloween nails you guys would like to see so let me know below what you'd like to see, until next time :-)


Monday, 12 October 2015

Halloween 2015 | Fingertip Bone Nail Art

It's that time of year again when I scrape at the back of my brain to think of new and original Halloween nail ideas that don't litter Google Images.  Whilst I can't guarantee the true originality of these nails, I can't recall seeing these before.  I did a version of these last year as part of a Halloween nail wheel but I decided to update the finger bone nail design by going nude with the base and adding shadow to make it that bit more profesh.


Friday, 9 October 2015

MAC Very Important Poodle from the Haute Dogs Collection

So my lovely friend Emma got me a gift card for MAC for my birthday.  I hottailed it to my local MAC counter and picked up a lipstick (which will be up on the blog soon) and a polish.  I chose Very Important Poodle from the limited edition Haute Dogs collection because its a shade I don't really have in my collection.  I have plenty of nudes and neutrals but Very Important Poodle is a rich camel shade that just exudes sophistication.

Since Haute Dogs is MAC's autumn collection, Very Important Poodle is one of those autumnal shades that'll suit most skin tones and will be something that is a little different than the conventional nude or neutral shade.

I only needed two coats of the polish to get full opacity but I did add a top coat to get an extra glossy finish.  In terms of nail art, I wanted to keep it relatively simple and classy so to fit with the dog theme, I did some dalmatian print on both ring fingers.  I did this with black nail polish and a detail brush.

While nail polish isn't the first product you think of when you go to a MAC counter, I've always enjoyed using them and found them to be of good quality.  At £10, they are not the cheapest of options but if you fancy splurging on a MAC product but want to change it up from the usual lipstick or eyeshadows, then maybe venture into the world of MAC nail polish.

Do you own any MAC nail polish?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow my social media sites, there might be a giveaway coming up soon...until next time :)

Monday, 5 October 2015

HJ Manicure* First Impressions: Swatches and Review

Last week I got a lovely parcel from HJ Manicure, a luxury nail brand that creates polish which is 5-free, cruelty free and vegan friendly so what's not to love!  I've got three shades to show you today, one from their permanent collection and two autumn/winter shades.

At the end of the post I also have a 25% discount for you guys if you want to order any shades from the website (which I think you will) so follow me under the cut to read my first impressions of HJ Manicure polishes.

Monday, 28 September 2015

H&M Beauty Foil Blush Review

Hello to a new look blog!  I know I didn’t change the layout of the blog too long ago but since I’ve been a bit stagnant in the ol’ blogging department lately, I thought a fresh layout would be like a fresh start and help motivate me to write more so here we go J

When I was in Copenhagen a few weeks ago, I made it a point to go to one of the many H&Ms in the city centre to check out the new H&M Beauty range.  H&M have made beauty products for years but within the last few weeks, they have relaunched their beauty range, with cohesive and chic packaging with great price points.  The products aren’t priced too cheaply that you wonder what the hell is in them to make them so cheap but they’re not overly expensive either. I’d put them in L’Oréal’s price bracket, maybe a touch cheaper but with much better packaging IMO. 

Since I was only carrying hang luggage, I only picked up one polish in Copenhagen with the hopes of picking up more when I got home because the colour range that I saw in the store was gorgeous but it doesn’t look like H&M Beauty will be making its way onto Northern Irish shores any time soon but if anyone spots it in stores soon, let me know!  Anyway, let’s get on with my first impressions of my special Copenhagen purchase, Foil Blush.

Since there is such a wide choice in polish colours, it was definitely hard to choose which to take home with me.  My eye just kept coming back to Foil Blush and so it was going to be mine.  A rose gold foil, emphasis on the rose, I thought it would be the perfect metallic shade for Autumn/Winter and the fact the whole world is head over heels in love with all things rose gold and copper, it was something to check off the trend list.

Thursday, 24 September 2015

Disneyland Paris Photo Diary Part 1

So posts have been a bit thin on the ground these past few weeks and that is because I have been travelling A LOT this month and with limited internet plus lack of inspiration plus tiredness, not much blogging has happened and for that I am very sorry.  I really don't want this blog to fall by the wayside so I want to mix up my posts a bit so that I have a bit more freedom to post more than just nails or beauty bits.  It is my blog and I want it to be a true reflection of myself.

I love photography and I got a great reaction to my most recent Instagram upload of a snap from Disneyland so I thought a little round up post would be great to pop up here and I can chat about some of my highlights of the trip.

This is just part one as the other half of my Disneyland Paris photos are still in my camera since the film isn't finished yet so I'll get those posted when I can so let's check out the land of dreams :D


Friday, 18 September 2015

Jacava Woodlanders Collection* Swatches & Review + Competition

To celebrate the launch of their new Autumn collection, Woodlanders, Jacava have launched a new competition where you could win the entire collection and I have a few swatches from the new collection to get you in the mood.

Featuring some gorgeous sage greens, greys, purples and red, Woodlanders is a collection which is the epitome of Autumnal sophistication.  Below, I've got Montrose Place, Kings Road and Shawfield Street for you guys to see so follow me under the cut to find out what I thought of the new collection, as well as details for the competition.


Thursday, 3 September 2015

MICRO Nail Elegance* Review

I'm sure you've all seen the ads some place or other but if you're not familiar, MICRO Nail is an electric nail buffer designed to buff, smooth and shine up your nails.  This Elegance model is an update in design and it does look a bit more sleek and classy (although it kinda looks like something else before you all point it out) but it sits comfortably which is the main thing because if it didn't, this could cause a good bit of damage, so come on under the cut and check out what I thought about the MICRO Nail Elegance.


Monday, 31 August 2015

Kiko Milano Power Pro Nail Lacquer* Swatches and Review

So if you follow me on Insta, you'd have seen these lovely polishes pop through my letter box a few weeks ago and now I finally got the chance to swatch them, as well as test their lasting power.  The Kiko Milano Power Pro polishes are pitched as being a salon quality lacquer with a high shine finish and the ability to last up to seven days.  Pop on under the cut with me to check out the polishes and see whether they lasted the week.


Monday, 24 August 2015

Birchbox August 2015 Review - #BeautyJunkie*

I've been a subscriber to Birchbox's mailing list for AGES but never made the dive into the world of beauty box subscriptions so I was pleasantly surprised when this little box of surprises was delivered to my door.  I think for a first time subscriber, especially a beauty blogger (I use that term in the
loosest sense), this is a great box to start with.

The overall theme of the box is beauty and social media, hence the hashtag inspired name and the awesome custom beauty emojis you see on the box.  You also get a sticker sheet of these beauty emojis inside the box and if you're on iOS, you can actually download the beauty emoji keyboard from Popkey to use on your phone (you lucky dogs!)

Now onto the review :D


Thursday, 6 August 2015

#FestivalReady with Urban Outfitters at Sunflowerfest!

So a few weeks ago you might remember that I posted some nail art based on Urban Outfitters' #UOFestivals campaign.  The lovely people at UOEurope got in contact with myself and offered to let me choose a few items from their website to help me get festival ready.  I had a day at Sunflowerfest lined up so it was perfect!

Sunflowerfest is a three-day festival based in the heart of the countryside near Hillsborough.  It's very much a local festival showcasing local talent across loads of different kooky and crazy stages and settings.  It's not just about the music, there's also some great food, kids activities (its very much a festival for families and young ones alike!), as well as yoga, reiki and other wellbeing exercises.

Follow me under the cut to see a few pics from my day as well as a review of my selection from Urban Outfitters.  It may be August but there are still some festivals ahead so you might get some ideas for yourself.


Wednesday, 29 July 2015

#BraHijack - ASOSxCoppafeel

So as some of you might know, I'm a part of Access All ASOS, which is ASOS' blogger programme that allows bloggers to work on cool projects with the brand and others and recently they were looking for bloggers to help spread the word about what is probably their most important collaboration to date, and that is with the breast cancer awareness charity Coppafeel!


Monday, 27 July 2015

Raspberry Nails with Barry M Raspberry

I remember Barry M Raspberry (the same bottle I have today) being the FIRST nail polish I bought myself when I thought 'Oh, I've left school, I can paint my nails again'.  I thought the pinky-red would be the perfect shade to dabble into the world of nail polish, cut to five years later and its one of over 200 shades I own (I destashed a few months ago) but its always been a popular shade for both myself and my Mummy when we want plain nails.  Saying that, I do love a good fun nail art design and we see so many fruit themed nails like strawberries, oranges and lemons, watermelon or kiwi but I've never seen raspberry nails (I don't recall anyway) so I thought to tie in with Yoomoo's latest competition #FASHIONFREEZE, I'd try my hand at raspberry nails!

 Barry M Raspberry, Coconut, Red-Black, Key Lime and Color Club Wild Cactus

Friday, 17 July 2015

Models Own Sarong Wrap and Turquoise Sea (Polish for Tans)

So the new additions to the Polish for Tans range (previous swatches can be found here) have been out for a while and I've only just gotten around to buying some.  My excuse is that there is only one Models Own stand in town and its always a bit bare and sad looking so they usually don't have what I'm looking for when I'm looking for it and while I wanted to pick up Cocktail Hour (a coral shade) there were none there but I decided to finally bite the bullet and check out what these new shades had to offer to the collection.  I chose Sarong Wrap, a lovely banana yellow and Turquoise Sea, a bright blue-toned turquoise.


Monday, 13 July 2015

Going Dotty - Inspired by #UOFestivals

So I was shopping the Urban Outfitters sale a few weeks ago, as I am a perpetual bargain hunter and was given some cool stickers with my purchase.  They were to promote Urban Outfitters' festival competition and I fell in love with the quirky illustrations and immediately thought NAILSPIRATION.  I've no festivals booked in this summer (boo) so I might just give it a cheeky enter as well (I'm waiting on the Way Out West comp) but here's the nail art in question.

It's a pretty fun manicure that's actually really easy to do, it just looks far more complicated than it is, you just can't go wrong with a good dotticure.

I finally got to use American Apparel Passport Blue in this mani, which is the indigo shade in the nail art.  It's such a deep, slightly unusual shade and I am a big fan of the AA brush.  Other shades in the mani include Models Own Powder Blue and Pink Icing, as well as Barry M Cotton and Kiko Milano 676 Yellow.

Do you ever have random moments of nailspiration?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, follow and subscribe through the sites below, until next time :-)

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