Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Makeup Revolution Nail Geek Sophisticats Collection*

Hey guys, today I'm bringing you swatches from Makeup Revolution Nail Geek The Sophisticats collection swatches and reviews.  I chose this collection for review because I thought the shades were a little different than your regular Safe for Work polishes so let's pop on under the cut for some photos and my thoughts on the polishes.

Knowing Me is a cool-toned, dusky mauve shade.  The above swatch is two coats with a top coat on top.  It's a very wearable shade that I think would suit a lot of skin tones.  The formula of this colour, like the rest of the creme polishes in this set, is a bit thick and you need a top coat to even out the layers of polish since it doesn't seem to even out on it's own but for £1.49, you can't beat a wearable, safe for work shade.

Skeptical is a duochrome polish that I've layered on top of Knowing Me.  I tried this polish by itself and it took MANY layers to become somewhat opaque so I recommend adding this on top of polishes as a topper but you can see it works really well, be aware of brush stroke marks though!

Suave is a warm-toned dusky pink shade, with a touch of brown.  I think this would be a gorgeous nude shade for the tanned lady.  Like Knowing Me, this is two coats of Suave with a top coat.  You can see a few spots where the polish hasn't evened itself out so if you are using these shades, be careful with application so this doesn't happen to you!

Streetwise is a mid-cool-toned purple which is a bit more out there for a sophisticated work shade but maybe wear this on the Friday, no one will tell you off LOL.  It's once again, two coats with a top coat and it's a shade that acts like a nice bridge between winter berry and pastel lilac colours and it's also a nice match the Radiant Orchid, the 2014 colour of the year so maybe get wearing this before we transition to 2015's colour of the year (post coming soon!)

Revealing is our last shade from the Sophisticats collection, a pinkish, coppery shade, it's definitely an alternative to the traditional nude or even a festive metallic but I do love a bronze polish.  The above swatch is three coats plus top coat.  It's a cool metallic shade that would see you through the festive season but as always with metallic shades, watch out for brush stroke marks.

Well I hope you've liked my swatches of the Sophisticats collection (which are £1.49 each OR £5.96 for the whole collection) and let me know if you'd like to see more swatch posts :-)

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*these products were provided for review but all opinions are mine



  1. Love these lilac shades and Revealing reminds me of Model's Own Champagne a bit! :)
    Maeve // Thrift O'Clock

  2. Ohhh definitely, I didn't even think of it but they do look quite similar :-)


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