Sunday, 7 December 2014

Makeup Revolution Nail Geek in Peppermint* and Inbetween*

So the budget makeup brand everyone's been talking about lately is Makeup Revolution.  Launched earlier this year, they've taken the world by storm and they recently launched their new Nail Geek range, 45 nail colours to suit any mood at the very low price of £1.49.  I was contacted by Makeup Revolution to review some of these polishes, I've 10 to show you so here are the first two in the form of some seasonal nail art!

Peppermint* is obviously the mint green base colour on the nail.  I've two coats of it on the nails above, sealed in with top coat and I did this kind of brushstroke art around the edges using Inbetween*, a nice teal shade, and my go-to white polish.

The polishes are quite thick so you have to be careful with application because it you put on thicker coats, they might not level out without a good top coat.  The polish has good pigmentation and I really like the colour.  The brush is your standard width (although it's described as wide on the website, it's not OPI or Essie wide) and you can cover your nail in three strokes.  For £1.49, you get 12ml which is more than Barry M and a few ml short of OPI.  You get a lot for your money with Nail Geek polishes so I'd recommend checking out the collections to get the most out of your order and Peppermint and Inbetween are from the Cool Nails collection and I'll be showcasing the other shades soon, as well as another collection!

So look out for my other Nail Geek posts in the coming weeks!  Nail Geek polishes are £1.45 and you can buy them from Makeup Revolution's website and I think you can get them at concession stands as well but don't quote me on that LOL

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*these products were provided for review but all opinions are mine

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