Thursday, 2 October 2014

What's Your Sign? Zodiac Nail Art

So this week saw me turning one year older and I thought I'd mark the occasion with some zodiac nails, showing off my star sign, Libra.  Now I'm definitely not one for reading star charts and depending on my daily horoscope to guide my life but I can see traits of the classic 'libra' in myself but then I'm sure that would be the case for any star sign LOL

Barry M Navy & Silver Foil

So this manicure is rather simple, I just replicated the astrological sign of Libra onto my nails with a smallish brush (it's the one I do most of my detail work with, it's just a cut down eyeliner brush) and then applied these star gems to complete to cosmic look.  If I was looking to put more effort in and not scraping the barrel for ideas, I would probably have done a galaxy nail base but sure, that thought came to me after I'd done the silver foil so *shrug*.

I'd been keen to use this navy from Barry M since it's one of the original polishes that started off my collection and I don't think I've used it on the blog before but it's such a stunning colour, especially for autumn and winter.

This nail art is easily customisable for your own star sign, why not add in the constellation pattern for your zodiac sign as well!  Be sure to follow me on the sites below so you don't miss anything Flails and Nails and be sure to vote for my nails over on the Yoomoo website, link is over on the sidebar, until next time!


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