Thursday, 16 October 2014

Green Marble Nail Art with Models Own Diamond Luxe Emerald Green

When I saw the first press shots of the Models Own Diamond Luxe collection, my eye immediately went towards the gorgeous Emerald Green, which I'd say is closer to a Kelly green but we must keep with the gemstone theme shouldn't we?  I think I probably have more green shades in my nail polish collection than any other colour so I am always drawn to them like some sort of magpie LOL!

Anyway, I finally got myself to my nearest Superdrug that stocks Models Own and bought Emerald Green (as well as Fizzy Cola Bottles from the Sweet Shop collection since it's currently buy one, get one half price) and couldn't wait to get it on my fingertips.  The colour was so vibrant in the bottle so I really hoped it would transfer onto my nails well.

Models Own Emerald Green (Diamond Luxe), 25 Carat Gold and Nail Art Pen in Black

I'm really pleased with this polish.  It's a standard Models Own formula, a little on the thicker side but this one in particular could be a one coater but I did two just to be on the safe side.  It's so pigmented so don't expect a semi-sheer shimmer polish if you're picking this up.  The gold shimmer in the polish is quite subtle but it does catch the light and create a bit of dazzle but it's not in your face which is good for people like me who prefers their subtle shimmers since they're better for nail art.  The polish dried quickly enough but I added a fast dry top coat to speed up the process and to add extra shine.

To match the luxury of Emerald Green (which actually contains real diamond dust!), I wanted to try and replicate ThisIsVenice's marble design she has been posting lately.  She usually uses white with black and gold but I was hoping that by using Emerald Green, it would almost come out like jade stone or green marble.  I used cling film to apply the 25 Carat Gold on top of Emerald Green then used the nail art brush to add thin black lines on top and thinned these out with acetone to give the impression of veined marble.  If you'd like a more detailed or visual tutorial for this, let me know!  I'm really pleased with the overall look and I think it just elevates Emerald Green to be a touch more luxe.  When the gold shade is called 25 Carat Gold, how can it not be luxe, eh?

Have you picked up any Diamond Luxe polishes yet?  Do you have your eye on any?  I know I'm loving the look of the Disco Pants collection from Models Own and guess which shade I want?  Yep, the green one LOL!  I can't wait to see that in person as well, until next time!  Also, be sure to be liking, subscribing, following and sharing the sites below :D


  1. I haven't picked up any yet, cant wait too, currently in Australia so wont for a while :( I have my eye on this colour though, looks gorgeous on your nails.

  2. Well, the final look is gorgeous! But you didn't really show the steps how to do it. More please.


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