Friday, 12 September 2014

Abstract Autumnal Nail Art

So let's get cracking into some proper autumn nail art!  It's a bit of a funny one here since we are nearly in the middle of September and it's 21 degrees outside (that's in Celsius for the American folks) so although it's definitely not looking like Autumn during the day, it is getting a bit more chilly at night so these nails are somewhat appropriate.  I made use of a few of my Autumnal Nail Essentials and had some cool inspiration for these nails so hop on behind the cut for more deets!

O.P.I Skyfall, Barry M Coconut, Maybelline Surreal and Nina Pro Lovestruck

So the inspiration behind these nails is actually this dress from White Stuff.  It's from their latest Autumn/Winter collection and for those who don't know, I have worked there for nearly four years and it was my last day a few days ago so I felt I had to do something inspired by some of the cool patterns they always have going on.  It's not exactly how I wanted it to turn out but I think it still looks like an abstract check pattern, which is alright in my book!

What was your first Autumnal manicure?  Let me know in the comment below and be sure to follow, subscribe and all that malarky.  Also, I'm shortlisted for Best Beauty Blog as part of the Blog Awards and I'd really appreciate a vote if you haven't done so already (and thank you if you have).  Just click here or the sidebar to go to the voting form, until next time!


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