Sunday, 24 August 2014

True to the End True Blood Nail Art

If you've been following my blog for a while, you would know that I'm a HUGE fan of television (as demonstrated by my numerous inspired by posts) and one of my favourite shows of all time is True Blood.  True Blood will be showing it's final ever episode tonight in the USA (24/8/14) and I knew I had to do some nail art to commemorate the occasion.

Now, I have to say that I have been less than impressed by the last couple of series of the show and while in a way I'm almost relieved it's ending (because I think it's gone in a direction that is just silly), it's bittersweet because I loved the show SO much.  The first four series will be my favourite pieces of television for years to come and when I think of True Blood, I want to remember those epic series rather than the clusterf*ck that's happening right now.  I'll not say anything specific in case I spoil anyone but as long as Eric, Pam, Jess and Lafayette get out alive, I'll be happy.

Each nail represents a character or aspect of the show that I wanted to celebrate.

My thumb represents Sookie Stackhouse as I want to remember her, the girl in the white dress.  You can see a version of this look here as well.  Anyone who's a fan of the show or books know how significant this is to the show and even though I have already created this sort of look for you guys before, I knew I had to recreate it and include it in this mani.

My pointer finger is the F from Fangtasia, the vampire bar owned by Eric and Pam.  Some awesome scenes have happened there and it wouldn't feel right not including it.  I tried to replicate the neon sign in the lighting and shading of it, do you think it worked?

My middle finger represents Mr. Eric Northman.  This is taken from his love for casual sportswear and his necklace.  The sportswear look has been missing these past few seasons which is a bit sad but he still looks badass in a leather jacket.

My ring finger is of course fang marks, which I think are pretty self explanatory.

Finally, my little finger is inspired by the one and only Pamela Swynford de Beaufort in one of her fabulous Chanel bouclĂ© suits.  It was a toss up between Fangtasia Pam and real Pam but of course real Pam won out.

All images above are copyright of HBO!

There have been times when I have wanted to give up on the show because I felt it was getting utterly ridiculous and story lines weren't going how I would want them to go but I will inevitably be sad to see the end of True Blood.  It's brought me so much joy and so much pain and of course, I'll always be #TrueToTheEnd.

What TV show have you been sad to see the end of?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow, subscribe and all that business, until next time :-)



  1. I LOVE this! I am a huge fan of True Blood too and feel like you - a bit bittersweet that it's ending. I think seasons 1&4 are my all time faves. These nails are amazing. The inspiration you have picked from the show is great! Not too obvious but still very True Blood - perfect! Emma.x

  2. I actually cannot express how much I love these Meols

  3. Yeah I've been a fan from the start and read the books but I had to stop before the last couple because they were getting so bad but I know what happens (and again I'm not happy LOL). I feel like they really had a chance to turn around the madness of the last two series for this final one since they were centring the action back on Bon Temps and at times it has felt like the first few series but it's just so unlike the show I fell in love with at the start that there is going to be relief that I don't have to endure another week of Bill/Sookie being shoved down my throat but I'm sad because there's not going to be another chance for them to redeem themselves. I'll just go sit in the corner in my Bon Temps hoodie, cradling my seasons 1-4 DVDs hoping for what could have been, but thank you LOL

  4. Thanks! When I try to do fandom nails, I try to be a little bit more out there because a lot of the same designs can be done over and over again so I'm glad people are liking how these are a little bit more obscure to reference :-)


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