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Kiko Milano Poker Nail Lacquer* Swatches and Review

So it's August, which means that I'm already wearing a kind of heavy coat and scarf in the morning because it's freezing here and it's supposedly summer so it's all a bit awkward but the arrival of cold weather means that I get to be excited about the new autumn/winter releases from all of the different brands out there!

Today I'm showing you four nail lacquers from Kiko Makeup Milano's Daring Game collection, inspired by Bond Girls and the quintessential casino setting.  You not only get the sense of sophistication and luxury from the colours themselves but also from the packaging, as you can see below, so let's get started!

The Poker Nail Lacquers are a collection of six nail lacquers (one for every side of the die) and I have four of the colours to show you (3-6 - can I just say how glad I am I got sequential numbers, it's the little things LOL).  The nail lacquers are meant to be a gel-effect with a special formula that releases an intensely pigmented and even colour.  Let's check out the swatches and see if they live up to their description!

Kiko Milano - #3 Suggestive Red

Guys, this red!  It's the most gorgeous cherry red that I think would work for almost every skin tone.  It's a young red, which I think is because it has a touch of pink in it and I think that it makes the polish fun and flirty as opposed to matronly like some reds can do.  All of the swatches are with two coats and no top coat, just so you could see the shine of the polishes without.  In all honesty, this could be a one coater, which is great for those on the move but I used two just to be on the safe side.  This is probably my pick from the collection and we're only getting started LOL

Kiko Milano - #4 Intuition Wine

Intuition Wine is one of those classic Autumn/Winter shades that are a staple in your drawer, to be pulled out on the coldest and windiest of days.  I can't say any more than that it is a classic aubergine shade that will be loved by everyone and their mother.  I did find this shade a little bit streaky on the first coat but when I applied the second, the colour evened out and became opaque, so don't panic if you find yourself having the same problem, it all evens out okay!

Kiko Milano - #5 Exclusive Blue

Out of the whole Poker collection, this is most definitely the most eye-grabbing shade in the bottle.  It's a stunning electric/cobalt blue which would be fab at parties over the holiday season but I must say, this was the most sheer of the formulas.  I used two coats in the above swatches, like all of the swatches of the polishes and in all honestly, I could have done with one more probably as can still see the line between the tip and the body of my nail in some nails.  It is a stunning colour but you do need to build it up in thin coats to get a truly opaque coverage.  I'd almost say to treat it like a neon polish and use of white base coat to see if it would make the blue pop even more.  I really love this colour but which the formula was just a little bit more opaque.

Kiko Milano - #6 Slick Bluenoir

Just so you know, the names of the polishes aren't on the bottles, they just go by #1, #2 etc since the die top is actually removable so I wouldn't have known this was a blue/black polish if I hadn't have looked up the polishes on Kiko's website.  Having a closer look, in the light, the polish does have a tinge of blue when held up to the light but this is barely noticeable so this can be taken as a straight up black in my opinion.  Two coats and it opaque and extremely shiny.  Many people have already commented on the polish on my nails and I think that's a fairly good recommendation since it is really a humble black (or blue/black) polish. 

To say a few things about the polishes in general, they're all creme polishes, with #5 Exclusive Blue being the sheerest of them all but it can still be built up to become opaque.  What I really liked about these polishes were the brushes.  They were wide, not as wide as say an Essie brush but wide enough to make application that little bit easier, which is always a good thing!

In terms of the 'gel effect' of the polishes, I'd say they're quite similar to Barry M's Gelly polishes in terms of formula and pigmentation but they don't give the raised, thicker gel effect that Models Own Hypergel might give but it depends on what aspect of gel nail polish you want, the pigmentation or raised effect.

The Poker Nail Lacquers from Kiko Milano Cosmetics Daring Game collection are 5-free, available from Kiko's website and their shops and are priced at £6.90 for 11ml.  I'd recommend having a look at the rest of the collection as well because the concept behind this collection is pretty nifty!

If you were to add an item this collection, what would it be?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to be following Flails and Nails across all of the different social platforms to be kept up to date on all of the goings on here, until next time!

*these products were provided for review but all opinions are mine


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  1. i saw the #04 today and i fell in looove :) so pretty!


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