Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Inspired by...Guardians of the Galaxy

It is in this post where I get back to the geeky, fandom roots of this blog.  As soon as I came out of Guardians of the Galaxy, the latest film that's a part of the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe), I knew I'd have to show my utter LOVE for the film by trying to capture aspects of the Guardians on my nails so here we go!  I would usually list all of the polishes I used below but there were so many I'm not going to but if you want to know a particular shade, let me know :-)

 L-R: Peter Quill/Starlord's Helmet, Rocket Raccoon's Eye, Gamora Ombré, Groot and Drax's Scars/Tattoos 
Close up of my thumb

So I hope you guys like these nails.  I know they're a bit abstract but I didn't want to go for straight up portraits or anything like that.  Have you guys seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet?  You really should!  Be sure to subscribe, like, follow or join the Flailing list over on the side bar or through the links below, until next time!



  1. I love this! I'm going to see the film tonight... I'm new to Guardians of the Galaxy and have no idea what to expect... These nails are awesome. I think I might have to try some designs of my own!!

  2. It's a really fun film. I was new to the GotG world when I saw the film but now I'm obsessed, I hope you enjoy it and thank you :-)


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