Monday, 18 August 2014

Inspired by...Game of Thrones (Queen Margaery Nail Art)

For followers of my blog, it's no secret that I love Game of Thrones.  I've watched every episode, I'm trying to read the books (it's really disheartening when you've been reading for hours and you've only moved up 3%!) and if you squint hard enough during the weddings, trials and coronations in Kings Landing, you might just see a blur that kind of looks like me.  Game of Thrones has been one of the biggest inspirations behind my nail art and when I first started my Game of Thrones nails, my skills weren't the best and I'd like to think I've improved so here I am, adding even more to my Game of Thrones corner of the blog by showing you some nails inspired by Margaery's dress from her wedding to Joffrey.

 Nails Inc Sheraton StreetRimmel London Little Bo PeepSinful Colours Snow Me White and Flossgloss Faded 
So as you know, Margaery is of House Tyrell, from Highgarden, and are represented by the yellow or gold rose on an emerald green background.  Roses feature highly in Margaery's day-to-day costuming and her grandmother, Lady Olenna, is known as 'The Queen of Thorns' and so Margaery's extravagant wedding gown combines the femininity of the rose with the danger of the thorn, reminding us all that one comes with the other.

Image copyright of HBO

I found it hard to decide on a base colour because in some photos, the dress looks icy blue and in others it's more grey.  I saw it for myself at the wedding and at the Game of Thrones exhibition (which I talk about here) and it did lean a bit more grey for be BUT I couldn't resist using one of my favourite shades of all time (OF ALL TIME), Sheraton Street by Nails Inc.  It's a gorgeous duck egg blue which seems to have been relaunched by Nails Inc this Spring/Summer as one of their on trend shades (but I got it for cheap mwahahahaha)

So I hope you've liked yet another Game of Thrones nail art post.  Let me know if you like this sort of thing and perhaps what you'd like to see next on the blog.  Also, be sure to follow me on all the social media below if you want to see what I'm having for lunch or my latest beauty purchase that might not make it onto the blog.  Until next time :-)



  1. I am actually in love with these nails, and that colour! Massive Game of Thrones fan over here - stick with the books! First one is a bit slow as its majorly setting up for the next few, but once you get into the good bits you'll fly through it! :)

  2. Yep. You are my nail art hero. It is known.

  3. How gorgeous, I love it! I hadn't actually payed that much attention to Margaery's wedding dress before but I'm glad you made me notice it because it's so pretty and I adore the thorns and roses :)

  4. The detail on it is truly astounding, like all GoT costumes but thank you :-)

  5. I know I need to stick with them, my Dad is a HUGE fan and he just reread them all over the past few weeks, I just wish I had his perseverance. I think it's because A Game of Thrones is SO similar to the show that I feel like I shouldn't have to read it but I know I need to because once I get into stuff that isn't covered in the show it'll be worth it :D

  6. Ahhh I loved Margaery's dress! These are such a pretty recreation - please do nail art for all of the GoT costumes? (I'm voting for Dany/Melisandre if you do) ;)

  7. Also I'm ridiculously jealous that you were an extra :O Stick with the books - there's so much extra detail, and I think it actually makes you enjoy/appreciate the show more :)

  8. Well amongst the student population of Belfast, about 40% of them have been on GoT LOL and I will, my goal now is to have them all read by the time Winds of Winter is released, whenever that is but I'm really interested but my past GoT nails have been to do with houses mostly so I'll definitely be doing some more based on costuming :D

  9. I actually gasped when I saw this, they're absolutely stunning! I love the intricacy of the design, I think I'm a little bit in awe right now! Anyway, I'd love it if you'd check out my latest nail art design and comment back? x


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