Thursday, 14 August 2014

IMAGE Skincare - The Max Trial Kit* Review

So whilst I was at the Wet n Wild event a few weeks ago in Belfast, I also received The Max system trial kit from IMAGE to try out.  Now I'm really picky when it comes to skincare because I have sensitive skin, or rather, I have very sensitive eyes that are easily irritated by most skincare products but I thought I'd branch out and give these products a go.

The MAX range from IMAGE Skincare makes use of plant stem cells to help actively prevent damage from free radicals, repair cell damage and strengthen the skin's structure.  In the trial kit of the MAX range, you get 7.4ml of the facial cleanser, créme and serum, as well as the Prevention+ SPF 50 daily moisturiser.  It's aimed towards all skin types, especially ageing and sensitive skin.  Now, I'm 22 and have a rather young face so I might not be the best tester for this sort of range but I did use the products over a couple of days (it's supposed to be a week's supply) and I do think there was a little difference in my skin.

My face can sometimes look a bit grey and dull and I found that using the MAX range helped brighten up my complexion a bit and I'm happy to report that the SPF 50 moisturiser didn't even irritate my eyes as much as my other moisturisers.  My only gripe with these products is that my skin is combination/oily at the moment and although the range is marketed towards all skin types, I find the products a bit too rich for my skin, especially at this time of year. Although I didn't feel greasy, I did wear make up on a few of the days I had used the range and even a few hours after I had used the products, I felt that my make up could slide around on my skin because the products hadn't completely sunk into my skin so I'd say this is probably more suited for dry skin types but I might come back in winter and see if my skin reacts the same.

Would I buy anything full size?  I'm interested in the Prevention SPF 50+ daily moisturiser for sure but again, it would be one I'd have to save for winter but I really liked the serum as well and would probably include it in my night time routine so it would sink into my skin by the time I applied make up.

For my friends in Ireland, check out Renaissance Skincare to find stockists for IMAGE skincare and to find out more about the various ranges offered by the brand, including the MAX stem cell system.

What age do you think you should start using anti-ageing products?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, subscribe and follow all the sites below, until next time :-)


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