Sunday, 6 July 2014

MAC Nail Transformations Review (Liquid Pigment - Gold Pearl)

So this week MAC released their eagerly anticipated collaboration with Nail Artist Marian Newman called Nail Transformations, which features 6 different effect top coats and three colour nail varnishes.  I took myself to my local MAC counter on Friday (after doing a friend's nails so I was in a bit of a rush since shops were closing soon) and quickly swatched all of the effects coats that were out (the pink pearl top coat was missing) on my right hand that just had plain polish on and I decided to go for the Gold Pearl Liquid Pigment from the collection.  I'll give you a first impressions of the other polishes in a bit but first, let me show and tell you what I think of my choice :-)

As you can see, the Liquid Pigment is just that, a gold pearl liquid pigment you can pop on top of any polish or even your bare nails to give an iridescent, gold tinted finish.  It is described as being sheer but I'd probably describe it as being closer to translucent.  It's by no means opaque as you can clearly see the colour polish underneath but it can come out a little heavier than you intend so be careful about how much pigment you load onto your brush before applying but that's probably just common sense to most people LOL

Due to the iridescent and sheer/translucent nature of the Gold Pearl Liquid Pigment, it's REALLY hard to photograph (I've used Models Own White Light as a base) but you can kind of see how the nails which have the effect applied have become slightly champagne coloured and you can see shades of purple, gold and red which gives a really gorgeous luxe effect.  Here's the Liquid Pigment in Gold Pearl applied above a number of different shades and you can see the effect it has on other shades.

I've used all of these shades on my blog before so if you want to see how they look originally, just have a wee search through the blog or google for swatches but you can see the slight colour shift, and this is particularly evident in the darker shades but it really does give a lovely effect without being too overwhelming I think.  On top of the nude or grey shade, you can see it's a great way to have 'mannequin' hands but with a little extra edge or it could serve really nicely as an addition to a bridal manicure.

Now for my first impressions of the rest of the collection.  I only tried the effect top coats so that's what I'll be talking about but the colour options looked lovely as well.

Shadow: On the MAC website, it's said to give a smoky glow to any polish and looks quite dark in the bottle but when applied to my nail, I didn't really see any difference so I'm not too convinced on that one.

Highlight (Blue Pearl): This is meant to highlight and effectively lighten a polish a shade or two and while I didn't see my polish lightening, it did help catch the light with it's blue/purple iridescence which was a lot subtler than the Gold Pearl.  If I were to get another item from the Nail Transformations collection, I might pick up Highlight.

Liquid Pigment - Green Pearl: It's much the same as the Gold Pearl Liquid Pigment but just green.  I chose the gold over the green purely because I thought the gold was more versatile and would fit within my collection of polishes better but the green was lovely too.

Texturize: This is meant to give a texturized, leather effect to any polish and it did do this but because I often apply nail art on top of polishes, I didn't think I'd get much use out of this polish but if you're a fan of the textured nail polish trend then consider giving this a go :-)

And like I said, the Pink Pearl Liquid Pigment appeared to have been missing from the display so I didn't get a chance to try it out.  Did you know that this was my first ever MAC purchase for myself?  Fun fact for you! (and I feel like such a failure of a beauty blogger LOL but I definitely want to make things official and buy my first MAC lipstick, suggestions are welcome!)

All of the Nail Transformations Collection are £10 and are available from the MAC website as well as counters worldwide.  Which effect top coat would you go for, if any?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to like, follow and all that jazz to the sites below to be all up to date with everything Flails and Nails, until next time :-)



  1. Interesting! This is the first I've heard of these polishes. I love how that top coat looks over the dark green.

  2. It really reminds me of Chanel Peridot, the potential to create some awesome and unique shades are endless LOL


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