Tuesday, 17 June 2014

The Night's Watch Nail Art (+ GoT Exhibit)

Woah nelly noo, this series of Game of Thrones has been a rollercoaster has it not?  Episode 9 was as legendary as the previous three efforts from HBO and so I was inspired to show my love for the episode at The Wall by trying my hand at some Night's Watch inspired nail art.

Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Barry M Crystal Glaze, Blue Moon, Black and Maybelline Marshmallow
I used the dry brush method to layer different shades of polishes, white, pearl white, blue and flaky top coat, to try and replicate the ice of The Wall.  I love how the different colours catch the light and reflect different colours, it's a cool technique I might try with other colour combinations.  I painted a crow on my ring fingers to represent The Night's Watch and used a nail art pen to write out different parts of the Night's Watch oath and removed it to make it look distressed and worn.

I quite like this manicure, especially the effect the different polishes have in the light.

Now, last week, I also had the pleasure of going to the Game of Thrones Exhibit that was visiting Belfast.  I had been last year and was keen to go again but sadly I wasn't able to get tickets for myself and my family but a friend from work thought of me when her own sister couldn't make it so I got to go!  I was afraid the exhibit would be too similar to the previous one but they had updated all of the props and display to reflect the new season and I took some pictures for you guys and believe me, there is some definite nailspiration in here!  Apologies for the inconsistency in the photos, sometimes I could take photos without my flash without them being too blurry but sometimes a flash was needed since the lighting was quite dim in parts.

 Cersei's dress from the Purple Wedding, look at that detail!

Jaime's hand...'nuff said

 The three-eyed raven just casually sitting about

 RIP Grey Wind

One of Daenerys' dresses in detail, so much pretty!

And of course I got a photo on the Throne...but it's not very good so I'll not be sharing that one LOL but hopefully you guys will enjoy this little snippet of an amazing exhibition.  Thanks again SO MUCH to Rachel for thinking of me and I can't wait for next year's already!  The 'Ascend the Wall' experience was unreal (it was an Occulus Rift vitual experience going up The Wall in the lift!) but I only know that next year they'll top it :D

So what's been your favourite part of Game of Thrones this series?  Let me know in the comments below but mark any spoilers you might be posting in case others don't want to know.  Be sure to follow me by the sites below to be kept up to date with all things Flails and Nails, until next time :)


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