Monday, 9 June 2014

Orange is the New Black Nails with Flossgloss Neon Nacho and Faded

Sorry for the radio silence this past week or so, part (or most of the reason) is that my spare time has been ate up by rewatching OITNB and then marathoning the new episodes on Friday (7 in one day and since I've been working, just one a day after that) so I knew if I finally detached myself from Netflix to do my nails, they had to be Orange is the New Black related!

Flossgloss Neon Nacho and Faded
What I've come up with is pretty simple but I think it really channels the spirit of the show.  I used two coats of my favourite white polish, Snow Me White from Sinful Colors, as my base colour and then applied two coats of Neon Nacho by Flossgloss.  I've used this before but I've never had it all over my nails when using a white base and WOW does it pop!  I googled for traditional tattoo fonts, Sailor Jerry style, and used an alphabet chart to do my lettering.  My colour for the font is of course Flossgloss Faded, which is based on faded tattoo ink, a feature on many an inmate of Litchfield.

My nail art is a fun take on the traditional knuckle tattoos seen in the opening credits of the show and of course the bright neon orange base is inspired by the orange jumpsuits inmates wear when they first come to the prison.

If you haven't watched Orange is the New Black yet, DO IT!  It's one of the best shows I've ever watched (and that's saying something) and the new series has just won my heart again.

Who's your favourite OITNB character?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on all the sites below, until next time :-)


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