Friday, 20 June 2014

My Summer Sunglasses Guide

There is something I can openly admit about myself, I LOVE sunglasses.  I have far too many pairs for a person who burns in the sun within 10 minutes and who lives in a country where the number of days of pure sunlight can probably be counted on both hands.  I thought I might show you guys the variety of sunglasses you can have in your arsenal and give a little insight into my personal taste and style outside of my digits :-)

It's evident that I love a bit of a statement when it comes to my summer eyewear but I get as much wear out of the slightly more out there sunglasses than with the classic styles.  Let me say that I have an oval-shaped face so I can get away with almost any style and shape of sunglasses so these particular shades might not suit you but I hope you can spot aspects of sunglasses like colour, shape and tint that you like and can apply to what best suits you :-) So here we go!

The Round Pair
Primark - £3
The latest pair to join my motley crew of sunglasses, I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them in Primark.  I actually didn't buy them when I first spotted them because I was waiting on another pair in the post but I went back and bought them, I mean, at £3 how could you not!  These frames are BIG and so aren't for the faint hearted but really remind me of the 60s and so if you're into that sort of style, then these could be for you.  

The round shape seem to be the most en vogue shape this summer with a lot of designers and shops working with different sort of round frames, especially with text around the frame but if you're looking for that trendy look this summer, then bag yourself these without breaking the bank.

The Fun Pair
Primark - £2
These were actually a Christmas present so I'm guessing at the price but I do know that they are a Primark special.  These are something a little fun and flirty for the summer months, perfect for festivals and parties.  Beware though because the lens on these aren't terribly tinted so don't offer the most protection from the sun.

The 90s Pair
When I spotted these beauts on ASOS, I was listening to HAIM constantly so I thought these were the perfect shape to enhance my middle shade and attempts to be the fourth Haim sister (so far I have not succeeded) but these glasses let you tap into the 90s trend without having to go full on grunge.  ASOS is one of my favourite sites to look for sunglasses on because they have SUCH a variety of styles and at great prices too.

This particular pair is sold out unfortunately but there's a few similar shapes and styles, just look through ASOS' own brand sunglasses :-)

The Retro Pair
These are another ASOS delight.  I love tortoiseshell and fell in love with these glasses.  The exaggerated brow and cat eye shape combined with the sheer size of the frames just screamed Old Hollywood to me, and if anyone knows me, they know I love me some Old Hollywood! 

Much like the previous pair, these are sold out (I got them last year) but there are a few similar styles and shapes in the ASOS brand sunglasses section of their website.

The Designer Pair
TKMaxx - £39.99
Why do I love TKMaxx with the passion of a passionfruit?  Apart from their amazing nail polish prices (more on that in a later post!), you find stuff like Versace sunglasses marked down from £170 to just below £40.  Before I bought these, my sunglasses collection comprised solely of Primark and a few ASOS pairs so I thought if I'm ever to have a pair of designer sunglasses, now would be the time to buy them.  In terms of value for money, these are the pair that I keep in my main hand bag (mainly because I bought a case for them so I know they won't break in my bag) and the classic wayfarer shape doesn't overpower any outfit or makeup I might have on.  I LOVE these sunglasses and I'm so glad I found them.  TKMaxx is one of those places where you need to go every day almost to find gems like these but when you do, oh my, is it exciting!

The Statement Pair
I had been eyeing up these FABULOUS eyelash sunglasses from Tatty Devine for a while and when their Lucky Dip boxes came up for sale, I knew I had to grab a sunglasses box, which also included three other bits of jewellry.  That cost £50, when normally the pair would be £150, bargain right?  Well, you're in for a treat now because they're half price, so go and get them!  I love these, they're of course a big statement piece but still retain a bit of classic Hollywood style.  They're also available in black but I love my tortoiseshell :)  The only downfall I've found is that I can't find a sunglasses case that fit these sunglasses so I've been limited about how much I can wear them, can you suggest anywhere I might be able to get one?

So I hope you have enjoyed this post, I know it's a little bit different from what I usually do but I love sunglasses and I thought since the sun is FINALLY out, I may as well vent my feeling on here LOL

What are your dream pair of sunglasses?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me on the following sites, until next time :-)



  1. These are all so adorable! I definitely need more sunglasses in my life :)

    boho vanity ♡

  2. Lovely little collection! I love the retro pair (surprise surprise!)...wish I could wear round sunglasses.


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