Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Models Own Microdots* and Hypergel Gel Effect Top Coat* Review

Now it's time to round up my reviews of Models Own's summer releases with their new glitter topper, Microdots, and Hypergel Gel Effect Top Coat.  If you'd like to read my thoughts on Models Own's new additions to their Fruit Pastels collection, Peach Melba and Coconut Cream, just to read my posts about them.

Microdots is an effect topper for the polka dot fan out there, although the little shapes are hexagonal rather than round.  I'm not saying it's a glitter top coat because the little dots aren't metallic but rather satin and in a gorgeous selection of colours (yellow, blue, orange, red and turquoise).  This top coat is the perfect way to jazz up a normal manicure and with the selection of colours within the bottle, you can wear it on top of a lot of different shades.

I've put Microdots on top of Peach Melba and Coconut Cream to show how it can work with both colour and white.   You do have to work the polish a little bit to get a more even distribution but I do like it when a topper polish like Microdots looks like it's been applied with little to no thought.

I'm not usually a topper sort of girl but I can see myself popping this on when I couldn't be bothered to do any elaborate nail art but don't want to have a plain manicure.

You guys probably know how much I love the Hypergel polishes from Models Own so when I heard that they were releasing a top coat to tie in with the range, I was ecstatic.  With a wide brush and thick consistency, it seems perfect for the nail art lover as these help to avoid smudging.  With an £8 price tag, I also thought this would be a competitor for Seche Vite's hold on the best topcoat crown but I'm a bit mixed when it comes to this top coat I'm afraid!

You can't deny it gives a great gloss to a manicure and it's wide brush really does help when you're trying not to smudge your work but I had problems with bubbling as well as the drying time.  I've used this top coat a good few times and half the time I had no trouble with bubbles and the other half I did.  I think it's all to do with technique and knowing how much to load the brush but sometimes you just want to put your top coat on without having to think about it.  Also, this top coat is not as fast drying as Instadri, my Jacava top coat and definitely not as fast as Seche Vite so this is not a top coat for the go but if you have the time to be careful then by all means go ahead and use it.

It does help give a polish an effect of being a gel polish as it gives it a very high shine and is very thick on the nail but like I said, keep an eye out for bubbling and don't be making any plans immediately after you do your nails LOL

So that's it from Models Own's summer releases, you can get Peach Melba, Coconut Cream, Microdots and Hypergel Gel Effect Top Coat all from the Models Own website, as well as Boots, Superdrug and ASOS.  Peach Melba, Coconut Cream and Microdots are £5 and Hypergel Gel Effect Top Coat is £8.

Also you guys, Models Own 6 for £20 offer is BACK this Friday for a limited time only so check it out to grab yourself a bargain,  got myself some great polishes and lipstix last time.

What's your favourite summer release so far?  Let me know in the comments below and be sure to follow me by the sites below to be kept up to date on all things Flails and Nails!  Until next time :-)

*these products were provided for review but all opinions are mine

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