Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Red Red Rose (and Cosmo Blog Awards 2014)

Do you ever have a moment where you just think to yourself  'I NEED TO WEAR THAT NAIL COLOUR'?  No?  Okay then, just me!  Well anyway, I featured Rimmel London's Salon Pro in Summer Orange in my top 5 red polishes post and after a few days, I couldn't wait any longer and I HAD to put the colour on my nails, it's just too pretty not too!  Here comes my dilemma as I went into this without a clear idea of what nail art to do since it was all about the colour and since I've been giving you guys a lot of swatches lately and not much nail art, I knew I had to do something creative so here it is.  Yes it's florals but it's florals I've never done before so there you are...

 Rimmel London Summer Orange (Salon Pro), Barry M Raspberry and Models Own White Light (Hypergel)

Summer Orange from Rimmel is a tomato red that looks a lot more orange in the bottle than on the nail but none-the-less, it is still stunning.  It's a crelly polish and takes about three layers to build some sort of opacity.  I've three coats of the polish on my nails in the pictures and you could still kind of see the difference between my nail tips and the rest of the nail.  This is one of the reasons why I wanted to cover the polish in nail art.  The wide brush that is synonymous with Salon Pro polishes by Rimmel was so easy to work with and I hardly had to do any sort of clean up by the end of the manicure, even on my right hand, so if you feel you have a bit of shaky hand, try out one of these polishes and see if your painting skills improve.

I've had the polish on for about four days and there is a bit of tip wear but no chips.  It's a thin formula so it's to be expected but I don't really care about this because the colour is so gorgeous and unique.

Onto the nail art in question, I used my detailing brush which I fashioned myself out of an old eyeliner brush and used the standard method of drawing a rose on my nail.  I like the large scale of the roses and the different placement across the nails but you could keep them uniform if you prefer.  After I drew the roses, I knew that I had to fill in the negative space so chose the good old favourite of polka dots for the trick.  The colour is a combination of White Light and the smallest amount of Summer Orange mixed because I was too lazy to go upstairs and grab a peach colour LOL!  I used my smallest dotter from the Models Own Nail Art Tool Kit for the polka dots and just placed them randomly on the nail whilst ensuring they were evenly distributed (is that an oxymoron?).

I wasn't originally going to use a highlight shade in my roses but since I had some spare franken-peach polish, I thought, why not?!  You can clearly see in the pictures where I highlighted in relation to the main rose.  I really like this nail art look and think it can translate well to other nail polish schemes.

So what do you guys think of this look?  It's great to see one of my fave red shades in action!  Now, onto a bit of business.  The Cosmo Blog Awards 2014 have just opened for nominations and I'd really love it if you would spare a moment to nominate Flails and Nails under the category 'Best New Beauty Blog'.  Just click the picture below to go to the nomination page.

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